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Mother and child in Niger
Photo: David Manan/IRC

Niger is regularly hit by disasters including drought, flooding, cholera and locust swarms, and over half the population suffers from food shortages.  The country is also affected by strife in its neighboring countries, and conflicts in Libya, Mali and Nigeria have sent an influx of refugees into Niger seeking safe haven. The International Rescue Committee has worked in Niger since April 2013 and provides humanitarian aid by supporting programs in health, education, and economic development, among others.

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  • The IRC is providing emergency assistance to refugees and returning expats from Niger who have fled ongoing fighting in northern Nigeria and Mali as well as local communities. 
  • The IRC ensures children’s access to education by building classrooms, latrines and providing furniture to schools, organizing back-to-school awareness campaigns and training teachers on the best ways to support returnees, refugees and local children affected by violence and poverty. 
  • The IRC supports health workers and nurses in clinics by providing essential emergency reproductive health equipment and medicine to communities and transporting patients and medical supplies to the hospital. 
  • The IRC screens and treats severely malnourished children, provides training and funding for health centers to better respond to malnutrition, and offers counseling and trainings on nutrition and hygiene to local communities. 
  • The IRC rebuilds livelihoods by operating cash transfer, voucher, community saving and loans, and agricultural support programs for the most vulnerable local families, and provides trainings and start up funding for small businesses for refugee youth. 
  • The IRC ensures the protection of displaced persons and local communities through activities focusing on the protection of children and persons with special needs as well as survivors of violence.
  • The IRC has carried out three quick emergency responses in Niger, including support for a cholera outbreak in the Tillabéry and Diffa regions, a vaccination campaign against measles for refugees in the Tahoua region, and an emergency mobile health clinic on the islands of Lake Chad in the Diffa region.
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Aiding refugees in Niger

The IRC's country director in Niger, Matias Meier, shares updates and photos from our emergency responses, assisting refugees from conflicts in neighboring Nigeria and Mali: