International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The IRC in Syria

Boys carry emergency items distributed by IRC aid workers at a camp in Syria
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

The protracted armed conflict has left 12.3 million people in need of humanitarian aid. The International Rescue Committee is providing assistance both within Syria and in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. We are working closely with Syrian partners to ensure aid reaches swifly to those most in need.


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How We Help

The IRC gives immediate aid, and helps Syrians rebuild schools, businesses, and health systems for long term recovery.

  • Inside Syria, the IRC and local partners operate over 50 clinics and mobile teams delivering primary care, trauma services, reproductive health care, and dialysis to thousands of people. We’ve immunized over 1 million children.
  • IRC teams are improving sewage systems, providing latrines and showers, and ensuring access to clean water in camps for displaced Syrians.
  • The IRC runs classes, counseling, and protection services for thousands of children in camps and communities. Child-friendly spaces and healing classrooms helps kids recover from trauma and continue their education.
  • Across northern Syria, IRC houses safe spaces for women and girls that offer services for survivors of violence, counseling and skills training.
  • Emergency cash assistance from the IRC helps families displaced by violence meet their immediate needs and begin to recover with dignity.
  • In the midst of conflict, Syrian communities are rebuilding businesses – and opening new ones – with training from the IRC and local partners.