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Boys carry emergency items distributed by IRC aid workers at a camp in Syria
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC
An ongoing civil war has left millions of Syrians in need of aid. The International Rescue Committee is providing assistance both within Syria and in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. We have been helping vulnerable Syrians inside their country since early 2012, and with our partners have provided emergency support to hundreds of thousands of people trapped by the violence. 

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Working with global donors and regional partners, the IRC is currently delivering $50 million in support to some 2 million internally displaced Syrians and refugees:  

Medical aid: The IRC and its Syrian partners have reached thousands of Syrians with tons of medicine, medical equipment and medical training. The IRC has taught more than 100 Syrian doctors, nurses and EMTs skills in front line trauma medicine. 
Emergency aid: Working with Syrian partners, the IRC has distributed emergency items such  plastic sheeting for repair of damaged housing. We also distribute clothing, sleeping mats, flashlights and stoves. 
Education: The IRC’s Emergency Response Team is on the ground in Syria, providing an education for students whose families have been displaced by fighting. The IRC has opened schools for 1,500 students.
Clean water and improved sanitation: The IRC is improving sewage systems, providing latrines and showers, and ensuring access to clean water in camps for displaced Syrians in the north of the country. 
September 29, 2014 | Blog
The IRC's new report evaluates the positive social and economic impact of emergency cash for refugees living in Lebanon.

Since early 2012, the IRC has aided hundreds of thousands of civilians within Syria, through partnerships with Syrian humanitarian organizations. With our partners and we have delivered close to 100,000 emergency kits including clothing, plastic sheeting, flashlights, stoves and food. On the medical side, we have provided more than 150 tons of medicine and medical supplies, supporting 180 mobile clinics and 33 field hospitals. We have also trained close to 200 doctors; nurses and emergency medical technicians in front line care, providing them with lightweight, portable equipment to save lives. We directly operate three primary care clinics in northern Syria, as well as a pair of mobile clinics.