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Domestic Violence: An Urgent Humanitarian Crisis

Photo: Aubrey Wade/IRC

Domestic violence is an acute problem in countries that are recovering from conflict. Approximately 1 in 3 women will experience violence during her lifetime, often at the hands of an intimate partner. We must work to end violence and empower women to lead their societies to peace and prosperity.

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How We Help

In all of our humanitarian programs, the International Rescue Committee is committed to the full empowerment and participation of women and girls

  • We counsel and care for survivors of sexual violence and train women, men and children to lead prevention efforts in their communities.
  • We support schools and students, including girls.
  • We help women deliver healthy babies in IRC-supported clinics and hospitals.
  • We create or obtain jobs for women

In Focus: Domestic Violence in West Africa

Domestic violence report IRC In our work in countries recovering from war in West Africa, the IRC has found that the greatest threat to women's safety is not a man with a gun or a stranger. It is their husbands.

In March 2012, members of an IRC commission met with women in Liberia and Sierra Leone and from Ivory Coast, to hear their perspectives on domestic violence. We also met with met with key government and justice officials.

Press Release  l  Commission Report and Recommendations

Video: IRC Global Crescendo project, 2008