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Ivory Coast Crisis

Refugees in limbo

  • Leontine Dehoua Lato with other Ivorian refugees in Blemieplay
  • This room and an adjacent corridor houses 24 refugees.
  • An IRC medical team carries vaccines and drugs to Blemieplay
  • An Ivorian refugee receives oral polio vaccine.
  • An IRC staff member in Blemieplay prepares a vaccination
  • IRC medical workers assist Liberian health workers and community volunteers
  • An Ivorian refugee suffering from with malaria is examined
  • David Ghiah, a health worker, examining an Ivorian refugee
  • Children are being examined for symptoms of malaria
  • Ivorian refugee children

Waves of refugees have fled to Liberia after widespread violence broke out in Ivory Coast following disputed presidential elections there. The IRC is assisting uprooted people on both sides of the border.

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IRC medical workers help Liberian health workers and community volunteers to prevent an outbreak of disease among the Ivorian refugees who have sought refuge in Liberia . Photo: Peter Biro/IRC


Fierce political violence and unrest since late November have created civil chaos in Ivory Coast. More than one million people are estimated to be displaced within the country and over 100,000 others have fled to Liberia for safety.

Alarming numbers of Ivorian women and girls have been raped, sexually assaulted, beaten and harassed by armed men at home or as they were fleeing violence and the International Rescue Committee fears those who are reporting incidents represent a tiny fraction of the victims.

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