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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by The IRC on April 25, 2012
In an interview posted today on the Celebrity Baby Scoop blog, Sarah Wayne Callies speaks beautifully about her roles on The Walking Dead, as an IRC Voice, and as a mother. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 25, 2012
The IRC's Bob Carey was interviewed for a recent Philadelphia Inquirer column on dangers facing Iraqis who worked for U.S. forces, as they wait for Special Immigrant Visas to be processed. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones on April 24, 2012
The IRC's Sophia Jones-Mwangi speaks with IRC medical staff who are at the forefront of providing crucial care throughout the drought-stricken Bahr el Gazal region of western Chad. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 24, 2012
Basketball is much more than a game in Salaam Dunk, a stirring documentary about an Iraqi women’s basketball team. For the young women on the team, it is a blissful release from the realities of a war-torn nation. more »
Posted by Jane Yang on April 23, 2012
In Kenya, matters of money are typically considered the man’s province. In an effort to address cultural inequities that affect economic growth, the IRC has been bringing spouses together to talk about the importance of setting goals collectively, as a family. more »
Posted by Jane Yang on April 21, 2012
They’re officially named “block health committees,” but to IRC grants intern Jane Yang they’re the Kakuma refugee camp clean-up brigade, teams of neighborhood volunteers on a mission to ensure safe and sanitary conditions within the camp. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 20, 2012
The IRC's Marion Dols on how the IRC is providing care for women in the overwhelmed Yida refugee camp, where hundreds of desperate Sudanese fleeing fighting and a severe food shortage are arriving each day. more »
Posted by Jane Yang on April 20, 2012
As Earth Day approaches, a look at how the IRC is working with a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering refugees and improving the quality of their lives and their environment. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 20, 2012
A new wave of refugees fleeing Sudan's South Kordofan conflict... plus other recent media coverage touching on the International Rescue Committee's work around the world. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 20, 2012
Christine Akello, a farmer and mother of six children, shares the story of how she is rebuilding her life after the the long and brutal Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict in northern Uganda. more »
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