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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by Sophia Jones on January 7, 2011
Here in Juba, there is excitement in the air as Sunday’s referendum on independence draws near. The roads are being cleaned, banners and posters promoting separation are on walls and billboards everywhere you turn -- I even saw a parade this morning as I came into the office. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones on January 6, 2011
I enjoy spending time with other moms, chatting about life, kids and work. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do this during my recent trip for the IRC to Northern Bahr El Ghazal. But I did. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 6, 2011
Southern Sudan, emerging from 20 years of civil war that cost 2 million lives, is one of the least developed regions in the world, and yet it is likely to become the newest country on the planet. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 6, 2011
Immediately following the earthquake, IRC health teams were deployed to the most devastated areas of Haiti where no other aid organizations were present and where outbreaks of disease were likely. Read a snapshot of our work in public health over the past year. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 5, 2011
A young girl, as young as thirteen years old, is forced to marry someone. In this case she will not have an opportunity to go to school, and in most intances she is even pulled out of school... to start her new life with someone she doesn't know usually. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 5, 2011
The IRC has worked in partnership with government agencies to rehabilitate water and sanitation systems at health clinics and youth centers and built latrines, showers, and safe water points in settlements for displaced people. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 4, 2011
Women and girls are at the center of the IRC’s relief effort in Haiti. The IRC was the first agency to deploy a specialist dedicated to reducing sexual violence and runs a full-time program to help ensure the safety of women and girls. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 4, 2011
An Iraqi refugee, resettled by the IRC in Atlanta, copes far from home. Video from CNN. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 3, 2011
I was never hopeful of returning. After what happened during the fascist regime and the communist regime, I never considered Hungary as my home. In fact when people ask me where I am from, I always say I was born an American except in the wrong place. more »
Posted by George Rupp on December 31, 2010
I want to close 2010 by paying special tribute to the courageous members of the IRC field staff, including those working in our 22 U.S. resettlement offices. Many of these men and women work in dangerous and difficult circumstances to selflessly carry out our work. more »