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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by The IRC on November 2, 2011
Jeanne Helene Victor is one of a team of volunteers trained by the IRC to support survivors of sexual violence in their communities in Haiti. "When we intervene in cases of domestic violence, people listen to us," she says. more »
Posted by The IRC on November 1, 2011
Tens of thousands of Burmese refugees live in Thailand and Malaysia. Many live in refugee camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border. The IRC provides the camps with healthcare, water and other services. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 31, 2011
Since the outbreak civil war in Somalia in 1991, most of the country's territory has been beyond any central government control. Somalia is awash with weapons and is one of the poorest and most violent states in the world. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 31, 2011
The Forgotten Crisis, a new short film by IRC-UK, documents the scale of the damage caused by the drought in Turkana, Kenya. The film also shows how the IRC is helping communities in need get back on their feet. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 28, 2011
Thailand's capital, Bangkok, is now threatend by widespread flooding after three months of heavy monsoon rains that devastated rural communities to the north. more »
Posted by Makeda Yasenlul on October 28, 2011
Before the IRC arrived in Buri Lange, Ethiopia, villagers used to get water from a river three hours away. Women, who traditionally fetch water, had to walk over difficult steep terrain with heavy plastic water containers on their backs. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 27, 2011
After three months of steady monsoon rains, Thailand is battling its worst flooding in 50 years. The IRC is working with local authorities to assist some of the poorest people in the country to be affected by the devastation. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 27, 2011
Burmese farmer Tial Biak Lian and his family board an airplane for the first time in their lives. They registered their interest to resettle in June 2009 and two years later finally got the word that they were moving to Indianapolis, Indiana. more »
Posted by Ned Colt on October 26, 2011
In the wake of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s death, tens of thousands of Libyans remain displaced by the almost yearlong conflict in the North African nation. The IRC is working to help them. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 26, 2011
Thousands of Burmese refugees move to large cities, like Kuala Lumpur, to find work and begin the process of resettling to a third country. The IRC helps them maneuver through the complicated application process to resettle in the United States and, once accepted, prepares them for their new, and very different lives. more »