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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by The IRC on September 23, 2011
A boy arrives outside his home in a settlement on the outskirts of the eastern town of Jalalabad. Devastated by decades of conflict and natural disasters, Afghanistan is the poorest country in Asia. more »
Posted by Lobna Abdel Hadi on September 22, 2011
I wake up and get out of the blue mosquito net—no breakfast for me as it’s Ramadan—then make my way to one of the camp’s reception center, the first contact point for new arrivals. Hundreds of Somalis are already waiting to be processed and receive basic supplies. They have been walking for days, while fasting, to reach this destination. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 22, 2011
The IRC recently hosted a Clinton Global Initiative delegation to South Kivu Province in eastern Congo. The delegation included actress Ashley Judd and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, who visited a local women's association. more »
Posted by Stefanie Pfeil on September 21, 2011
When a crisis strikes, maintaining vital services, such as education, can be incredibly challenging. Nowhere is this more true than in Turkana, a region of northwest Kenya which is suffering from one of the worst droughts of our time. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 21, 2011
Dadaab is a sprawling complex comprising five refugee camps in northeastern Kenya: Dagahaley, Ifo, and Hagadera (where the IRC works) -- plus two new camps, Kambioos and Ifo Extension. Recently, the IRC started providing health care in Kambioos, setting up a clinic in temporary tents. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 21, 2011
In some areas of Uganda, rival clans raid each other’s livestock, a practice that inevitably leads to violence. With the assistance of the IRC, these clans now communicate with each other in ways that can help resolve their conflicts peacefully. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 20, 2011
International Rescue Committee president and Clinton Global Initiative conference speaker George Rupp blogged about community-led development from the 2010 CGI gathering in New York. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 20, 2011
"I’m very pleased about our independence. My future hopes and dreams are that I want my children to be educated. I’d like them to have a plot of land -- and one day I hope that Patricia will even become the President as well as get married!" more »
Posted by The IRC on September 20, 2011
A child counts out a math lesson on an abacus in a school in Kalemie, a town on the western shore of Congo's Lake Tanganyika. An estimated 31% of school-age children in Congo have never set foot in a classroom. more »
Posted by Milka Choge on September 19, 2011
One of the places hit hardest by the drought is the remote and arid Turkana North area of Kenya. Here I met some courageous mothers who had walked for hours to IRC clinics to find help for their malnourished children. more »