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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by The IRC on September 24, 2010
“Sudan is a difficult place to raise a family, says photojournalist Christopher Scott. “But the people exhibit an intense determination and pride." See a slideshow of photos Christopher took last year when he traveled throughout Southern Sudan as a volunteer to document the IRC's work. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 24, 2010
Southern Sudan is being built up virtually from scratch and it needs the support of the rest of the world, says the IRC's Sudan country director Susan Purdin. The IRC and four other aid agencies have urged world leaders at today’s Sudan summit to take concrete action to help. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 23, 2010
We had the opportunity to ask President Clinton and other leaders who attended the Clinton Global Initiative meeting this week how they would address a particularly urgent global problem: violence against women. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 23, 2010
Slate's Constance Casey, who answers readers' questions about charitable giving, explains why she chose to help victims of the flooding in Pakistan by making a donation to the IRC. more »
Posted by Elisabeth Roesch on September 22, 2010
The countdown has begun for Congress to act on a bill that would help harness U.S. efforts to confront the biggest moral outrage of our time – violence against women and girls. At a Congressional panel in support of the International Violence Against Women Act last week, the sentiment was clear – now is the time. more »
Posted by George Rupp on September 21, 2010
I have attended CGI meetings beginning with the first one and am honored to be here again this year. Importantly for the IRC, the commitments made by world leaders, businesses, and philanthropists at the CGI can provide much-needed help for assisting uprooted people worldwide. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 17, 2010
A PBS NewsHour report from Jordan on the day-to-day difficulties of Iraqi refugees includes an interview with IRC program manager Thara’a Alwadi. more »
Posted by The IRC on September 10, 2010
Our affiliate organization the Women’s Refugee Commission recently posted a thought-provoking piece on their blog, illustrating the challenges and needs faced by people with disabilities in the aftermath of January’s devastating earthquake. more »
Posted by Anne C. Richard on September 3, 2010
Congress may have been in recess, but two prestigious organizations used the dog days of summer to call attention to the tragic flooding in Pakistan and to appeal for greater amounts of relief aid. IRC leaders participated in both discussions. more »
Posted by Kate Adams on September 3, 2010
In 2005, Albert Mbanfu, a refugee from Cameroon, started a new job with the IRC helping people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina relocate to Atlanta and find work. He spoke with me last week about his experience as "a displaced person helping displaced people." more »