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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by The IRC on May 5, 2011
On a recent trip to Iraq, the IRC’s Kate Phillips-Barrasso was struck by how little had changed in the last few years for those forced to flee for their lives. She argues that the political will must be found to prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable Iraqis before U.S. forces depart. more »
Posted by Kate Adams on May 5, 2011
In honor of Mother's Day we're spotlighting some of our favorite posts about mothers. Almost 20 years after they were banished from their home in Bhutan, Uma Timsina and her husband Chet Nath left a refugee camp in Nepal—and everything familiar—to rebuild their lives with their young son in New York. more »
Posted by Kate Adams on May 4, 2011
Sister Francoise Muhanzi and her assistant Zawadi Mukaba, showing off some of the newest arrivals in Kabare General Hospital's maternity ward. One in 13 women in Congo dies in pregnancy or childbirth. The IRC is improving reproductive health care by training medical staff like Sister Francoise and Zawadi. more »
Posted by Kate Adams on May 4, 2011
In honor of Mother's Day -- Sunday, May 8 -- we're spotlighting some of our favorite posts about mothers: With training from the IRC, home-based community health provider Nyibol Akol Padiet, a mother of three, is treating common childhood diseases in her own village. more »
Posted by Ned Colt on May 3, 2011
From my perch atop a twenty foot high clay mound, I am surrounded by a sea of dusty white. I’m looking out over the close to thirty thousand tents that comprise the Jalozai IDP Camp outside of Peshawar. For those of you unfamiliar with refugee acronyms, IDP stands for “internally displaced person.” There are an estimated seventy thousand of them at Jalozai. more »
Posted by The IRC on May 2, 2011
Get an update on three refugee families -- the Bwisezes from Tanzania, the al Malhams from Iraq, and the Bhandaris from Nepal -- who were all resettled by the IRC in Charlottesville. more »
Posted by Jamie Kelso on April 29, 2011
With the International Affairs budget facing deep cuts on Capitol Hill, investment in women and girls around the world has been in peril. Since International Women’s Day in March, our supporters rallied together to send over 123,000 emails to Congress on this issue, encouraging legislators to wake up to the fact that women and girls all over the world deserve to be more than numbers on a spreadsheet. more »
Posted by Jamie Kelso on April 28, 2011
Iraqi refugee women in Jordan who have fled conflict at home can become easy targets for violence and abuse. The Jordan River Foundation, an IRC partner, is distributing small purses with hotline numbers discreetly hidden inside. Using this hotline, women can contact our office for emergency assistance to protect them from violence, without fear of discovery by their abusers. more »
Posted by Robyn Kerr on April 26, 2011
The majority of the nearly 700,000 earthquake survivors in Haiti who are still displaced are living on private land -- and they can’t stay there forever. While the international community plays an important role in advocating for their needs as the country rebuilds, ordinary Haitians are already helping their fellow citizens. more »
Posted by Yolanda Barbera Lainez on April 25, 2011
In Africa a child dies of malaria every 45 seconds. The main reason for this is that health facilities are just too far from children's homes. To tackle this problem, the IRC has trained 11,000 villagers in six countries in Africa to treat children in their own communities -- not only for malaria, but also for other deadly conditions. more »