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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by Peter Biro on December 26, 2009
This week marks the 5th anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. Days after the tsunami struck on December 26, 2004, the IRC dispatched emergency teams to Indonesia's Aceh province. At the time, the IRC's Peter Biro wrote about a journey to Calang, a village that was virtually erased from the map. more »
Posted by Peter Biro on December 23, 2009
More than two months after the Pakistani military launched an offensive in the Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan, only now are the IRC and other humanitarian aid organizations gaining access to the estimated 430,000 people who have fled the fighting. more »
Posted by Peter Biro on December 23, 2009
Storm clouds are gathering and the wind is tugging at the plastic sheeting covering the hundreds of makeshift shelters that make up the Mungote camp in Congo’s troubled North Kivu province. Over 30,000 people live here, unable to work and with little access to food. more »
Posted by Kate Adams on December 18, 2009
As part of YouTube's 2009 "Project for Awesome" campaign for charity, YouTube celeb and video volunteer LisaNova made this video about how YOU can get involved with the IRC's humanitarian work. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 17, 2009
Sexual attacks are deliberate acts of war and terror, says Sarah Spencer, the IRC's emergency gender-based violence coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "Women are raped repeatedly, and brutally." more »
Posted by Kate Adams on December 11, 2009
Rape is not just a by-product of the conflict in Congo; it is a combat strategy systematically used to terrorize and humiliate and it cannot be tolerated to achieve a larger military goal. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 10, 2009
A Pakistani woman named Mukhtar Mai made news around the world in 2002 when she took a group of men to court after they raped her in what they called “honor revenge” against her family because of something Mai’s brother had done. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 9, 2009
In a small, thatched hut in a refugee camp on the Ethiopian border with Somalia, a group of women is having an animated discussion about the appropriate age for marriage. Miryama, a 16-year-old holding a small baby of her own, says she won’t choose the same path for her daughter that she took herself. Like many girls in this community, Miryama was forced to abandon school when she was just 14 to marry an older man. more »