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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by The IRC on January 13, 2016
Today, Secretary of State John Kerry visited the IRC’s refugee resettlement programs in Silver Spring where he met with refugees who have escaped from horrific violence and terror. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 13, 2016
Thanks to the generosity of IRC supporters, more than 23 million people benefited from IRC programs and those of our partners in 2015 — nearly 5.5 million more individuals than we were able to reach in 2014. See our impact by the numbers. more »
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Posted by The IRC on January 13, 2016
As the conflict in Syria escalates, millions have been forced to flee, leaving behind precious memories of home. Meet one Syrian woman who was able to save her children from the brutal war. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 12, 2016
Eight-year-old twin sisters recount harrowing tales of the fearful journey they endured as they made their escape from violence in Afghanistan. They are just two of the more than 1 million refugees who reached Europe last year. more »
Posted by Tyler Jump on January 8, 2016
Actor and activist Mandy Patinkin met five-year-old Masuma after her family landed on the Greek island of Lesbos in a tiny rubber raft launched from Turkey. Learn more about this young refugee who fled violence in Afghanistan. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 6, 2016
Raesa, a Jordanian citizen, left her home in Syria with her three teenage children after war broke out in 2011. She returned to her native country hoping for safety and a fresh start for her family, but has struggled to make ends meet. more »
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Posted by The IRC on December 31, 2015
Refugees from Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan who were resettled by the IRC in Northern California describe their plights, their dreams and the roads they’ve taken to carve out a new life in America. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 31, 2015
As the refugee crisis in Europe continues to dominate news headlines, there are many countries left to struggle with conflict and natural disaster largely out of sight—and largely on their own. Here are 20 humanitarian crises you may have missed that drove mass displacement this year. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 29, 2015
See the stories from you read and shared the most in 2015, a year that has seen more people uprooted by violence and persecution than at any time since World War II. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 28, 2015
Right now some 60 million people are living in limbo, having been forced to flee their homes by war, conflict and persecution. Earlier this year the IRC launched a new publication on Medium called “Uprooted” to help tell the stories of the individual human beings behind the tragic numbers in the global refugee crisis. more »