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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by Peter Biro on March 11, 2013
March 11 marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. The IRC continues to work with three Japanese aid groups to assist elderly and disabled survivors, and help rebuild the ruined coastal fishing industry. more »
Posted by The IRC on March 8, 2013
International Women’s Day is March 8. Today we honor four extraordinary women: everyday heroes who provide care – and a listening ear – to those most in need, and who strive for better lives for themselves and their communities. more »
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Posted by The IRC on March 7, 2013
Update Mar. 9, 2013: IRC emergency teams in Kenya remain on standby following today's announcement of the results of a tense presidential race. Monday's vote was the first since disputed 2007 national elections erupted into violence that killed 1,500 people. more »
Posted by Ned Colt on March 6, 2013
There were no balloons or a band to welcome this 1 millionth arrival. Frankly? We’ll never know who the millionth Syrian refugee was. Odds are it was a child, because 52 percent of those fleeing Syria are 17 or younger. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones on March 5, 2013
Yesterday, Kenyans cast their vote for president for the first time since a disputed 2007 election resulted in widespread violence and uprooted more than half a million people. The IRC is ready to respond if the need arises. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones on March 4, 2013
Today, as Kenyans go to the polls to elect a new president, voters are casting ballots with hope and trepidation. Almost 1,500 people died during widespread violence that erupted following the last, disputed election in 2007. more »
Posted by The IRC on March 4, 2013
As a steering committee member of GenR, the International Rescue Committee’s young professionals group, I was honored to have the chance last Friday to introduce more than 100 of my colleagues to the work of the IRC. more »
Posted by The IRC on March 4, 2013
More than 1,300 people lost their lives in violence that followed a disputed presidential election in 2008. Today millions of Kenyans turned out to cast their vote in the first national elections since the crisis. more »
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Posted by Sophia Jones on March 1, 2013
In February, the IRC’s Sophia Jones-Mwangi visited the Oure Cassoni camp in eastern Chad, home to 280,000 Darfuri refugees, some of whom have been living there for a decade. more »
Posted by Peter Biro on March 1, 2013
Almost a decade ago, as people started to flee their scorched villages in Darfur, Sudan, I traveled to the town of Bahai in northeastern Chad, where the IRC was the only humanitarian organization assisting the flood of people crossing the border. more »