International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Iraqi Refugees

Fleeing violence and persecution, millions of Iraqis have scattered across Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other countries. Ongoing strife and devastation in Iraq prevent most from returning home safely. The International Rescue Committee is providing vital aid and calling the world's attention to their plight.

They are the forgotten casualties of the Iraq war. Fully one in six Iraqis (4.7 million people) fled or were forced from their homes following the U.S. led invasion in 2003, and most have not returned.  Close to half are living in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria, while the remainder are uprooted within Iraq's borders. 

Each year since 2008 the IRC has reported on the status of Iraq's refugee population; our 2011 assessment is not optimistic. Many of those who've left their homes and communities remain mired in poverty, and continue to face an uncertain future.


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