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Briefing from the field -- South Sudan: Rising from conflict

On July 9, 2011, South Sudan became the world's newest nation when it seceded from Sudan after a long and brutal war which claimed over 2 million lives.

But the birth of Africa's 54th country is being threatened by escalating violence in the border regions, family separations, and continued displacement of thousands of innocent people.

Voices from the field -- Insights from Afghanistan

Bob Kitchen has worked with the IRC in some of the most demanding and dangerous places in the world, including Iraq, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Congo.  He’s directed the IRC’s Afghanistan program since 2009, and he leaves this summer to assume a new post as director of the IRC’s Emergency Response Team. During his last week in Kabul, he spoke with Ned Colt via Skype about his time in Afghanistan and the accomplishments of the country staff there.

Voices from the Field: Haiti, as Hurricane Season Approaches

The IRC is helping Haitians living in tent settlements move to more secure locations.  Photo: Gerald Martone/The IRC

As hurricane season approaches, emergency protection coordinator Catherine Jones describes what the International Rescue Committee is doing to protect Haitian quake survivors from the elements and the threat of landslides. (4 May 2010)

Field Workers under Fire: Delivering aid in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other danger zones - IRC Briefing from the Field

Hear Gerald Martone, International Rescue Committee director of humanitarian affairs, and Denise Furnell, IRC senior technical advisor for safety and security discuss their thoughts on how IRC can continue to provide lifesaving services to our beneficiaries while upholding our duty to maintain the safety and security of our staff. The discussion is moderated by Susan Dentzer, a career journalist and member of the IRC’s Board of Directors. Recorded October 27, 2009.

Webcast: IRC's lifesaving work with two award-winning IRC photographers

Go behind the scenes of the IRC's lifesaving work with two award-winning IRC photographers.

Watch our archived webcast here.

Urgent Briefing from the Field: Expelled from Darfur

In this podcast from our March 11, 2009 briefing, Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs magazine moderates a discussion between Kurt Tjossem, IRC regional director, Horn & East Africa and Michael Kocher, vice president of the IRC's international programs on the consequences of the closing of the IRC's programs in Darfur, North and East Sudan. 

Briefing from the Field: Bringing Refugees to America

(November 2008) During this International Rescue Committee Briefing from the Field, you'll hear from Trinh Doan, a woman who escaped from Vietnam and was resettled in the United States with the help of the IRC. Today she is a senior vice president at the Bank of America and will share her insights about the challenges she and her family experienced as they established themselves in this country.

(52 minutes, 20 seconds)

Briefing from the Field: From Tsunami to Cyclone

(June 2008) On May 2, Cyclone Nargis swept through Myanmar, destroying hundreds of villages, killing up to 200,000 people, and displacing more than 2 million others. Within days, an IRC emergency response team was on the ground distributing supplies to the most vulnerable survivors, providing shelter materials, clothing, mosquito nets, and water containers.

(42 minutes, 22 seconds)