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Man and child with other refugees at a transit site in Serbia
Photo: Monique Jaques/IRC

As Europe struggles to respond to a humanitarian crisis, the International Rescue Committee has returned to the Balkans, launching operations in Serbia in support of local organizations providing relief to people seeking safety.

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  • More than 1 million refugees fleeing Syria and other countries in conflict have reached Europe since the start of 2015. The IRC expanded its refugee response efforts to Serbia in October 2015 .
  • We have partnered with 10 local aid organization in Sid, Dimitrovgrad and Preševo—the three entry and exit points in Serbia.
  • With the IRC's support, partners are providing refugees with essential information about registration and transportation, clothing and food, and WiFi and mobile phone charging stations.
  • The IRC and its partners are providing psychological support to women, children and other vulnerable individuals.
  • We are supporting two local municipalities in Preševo and Sid with trash removal and staff.
  • The IRC is also providing critical aid to refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos. Each day some 2,000 refugees are arriving on Greece's shores. Learn more about our work.
April 16, 2016 | Blog
Pope Francis visits the Greek island of Lesbos to meet some of the 4,000 refugees living in limbo and recognize the compassion shown by many of the people on the island.