International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Special Report: Congo

Forgotten Crisis

Conflict and humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo have taken the lives of 5.4 million people since 1998 and continue to leave as many as 45,000 dead every month, according to a major International Rescue Committee study.  Photo: Peter Biro/The IRC


A major IRC survey found that 5,400,000 people have died from war-related causes in Congo since 1998 – the world’s deadliest documented conflict since WW II. The vast majority died from non-violent causes such as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition—easily preventable and treatable conditions when people have access to health care and nutritious food.

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Archived surveys:

2000 l 2001 l 2002-2003 l 2004

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IRC's Dr. Rick Brennan on the Congo Crisis

In this video, director of IRC health programs, Dr. Rick Brennan, describes how survey teams traveled across Congo – by motorbike, canoe, 4-wheel-drive, and on foot -- visiting 14,000 homes to gather data.