International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Welcome to the IRC in Boise

Refugees arrive in the US with great resilience, often after surviving experiences of violence and protracted waits in refugee camps.   Despite these many challenges, refugees bring a variety of skills that are of great value in their new US communities.  Some have completed formal education programs and degrees and many have worked together in refugee camps to provide needed services in the areas of food, sanitation and education. 


The IRC in Boise works to utilize refugees’ strengths and skills to help them become financially and socially independent while honoring their individual goals and choices.  We help refugees secure housing, food and medical care and insure that refugees have access to programs and services in the following areas:  immigration, social security, social services, public education and more.  We provide classes to educate refugees on the cultural and legal expectations of living in the US.  We train refugees to be prepared to enter the US workforce and help them to secure jobs by actively recruiting employers, helping refugees with job applications, and to preparing them for job interviews. 


The IRC in Boise opened in 2006 and has welcomed over 1,670 refugees to Boise since then.  We have not done so alone.  Civic and governmental agencies in Boise have embraced refugees, and work regularly with the IRC to make support  services for refugees more robust.  Read the Boise Refugee Resource Strategic Community Plan.  Private and religious organizations have also donated thousands of dollars of in kind items and volunteer hours to the IRC in Boise to help refugees get established in new homes and to support the IRC’s teaching programs.  Catholic Charities of Idaho and Idaho Legal Aid Services work to support refugees in Boise as well.  Boise State University has grown their social work program to include a track specifically focused on working with refugees.  The breadth of caring for refugees in Boise is profound and beautiful.


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Thank you,


Julianne Donnelly Tzul
Executive Director, the IRC in Boise