International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Welcome to the IRC in Boise

Refugees are vibrant, smart, caring, amazing human beings.  They are resilient.  They have survived violence and protracted waits in refugee camps.   They bring with them all the creativity and learning that helped them survive extreme hardship that most of us are privileged enough to have never suffered.

The IRC in Boise helps refugees remake their lives.  We have welcomed over 2,700 refugees since opening in 2006. We teach them what to expect in the U.S., which includes the mundane, like operating washing machines and ovens, to the profound, like what is credit and what are U.S. laws.  We teach refugees to advocate for themselves to get and keep jobs.  We teach employers the strengths that refugee employees bring them.  We teach refugees U.S. history to pass the exam to become U.S. citizens. 

Refugees give Boise perspectives from all over the world.  They give us food, goods and jobs in their thriving local businesses.  Refugees give us music and art, which were so richly displayed at World Refugee Day and the World Village Festival . Refugees give Boise a richness of spirit, and the constant opportunity to learn.  

To see Boise refugees’ daily successes, and all the many ways the generous people of Boise support refugees, follow us on Facebook, or contact us at

 Thank you,


Julianne Donnelly Tzul
Executive Director

The IRC in Boise