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Internship Opportunities


Internships with IRC in Phoenix are only available to individuals currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a higher education institution. The duration of each internship can vary from 3 months to 1 year, with a requested commitment of  at least 15 hours/week. Start dates take place in the fall, spring, and summer.

Volunteer positions in similar capacities are available as well, if you are unable to meet the requested 15 hours/week request or are not associated with an educational institution. Please inquire to for more information.

The IRC in Phoenix is now accepting applications for the following internship positions (listed by program):

Development: Educating & connecting the community with the work of the IRC in Phoenix

-Resettlement Shop Coordinator Internship
-Communications Internship
-Development Internship
-Finance Internship

Education: Empowering refugee youth through education

-K-12 Education Internship

Adult Education: Equipping adults with tools necessary to successfully integrate & advance in the US through education

-Job Development Internship
-Financial Education Internship
-Cultural Orientation Internship

Employment: Assisting refugees in achieving self-sufficiency through gainful employment opportunities

-Economic Empowerment Internship

Resettlement (Health): Connecting refugees with the essential healthcare they require & advocating on their behalf

-Intensive Case Management (ICM) Internship
-Health Specialist Internship
-Bridge to Safety Internship 
-Clinical Therapist Internship
-Victims Advocate Internship

Survivors of Torture: Holistically assist refugees who require acute attention as a result of past severe trauma 

-Survivors of Torture Internship

ALERT (Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking): Serving victims of human trafficking through community outreach & advocacy or through direct case management

-ALERT Media & Communications Internship
-ALERT Direct Care Internship

Community & Economic Development: Assisting the flourishing of refugees in through various economic empowerment opportunities

-Microenterprise Program Internship
-Individual Development Accounts (IDA) Internship
-Childcare Microenterprise Internship
-New Roots Community Garden Internship 
-Gila Farm Cooperative Internship 
-Opportunity Passport Internship


The IRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. IRC considers all applications on the basis of merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, or disability.


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