International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Spice Kitchen Incubator




Supporting the Pursuit of Innovative Culinary Entrepreneurs 

SPICE Kitchen Incubator is a new project of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), in partnership with Salt Lake County. It is a community kitchen space to bring together refugees and other disadvantaged community members interested in starting a full or part-time food business. Participants develop successful food businesses, preserve their culinary traditions and share their talents with the Salt Lake County community.

SPICE Kitchen Incubator aims to provide the necessary skills to new entrepreneurs to build viable food businesses.

With the personal investment of property owners, the kitchen space is centrally located with access to public transportation, leased long-term at an affordable rate. 

What is a business incubator?

The National Business Incubation Association defines a business incubator as a comprehensive assistance program targeted to help start-up and early-stage firms with the goal of improving their chance to grow into healthy, sustainable companies. 

SPICE Kitchen Incubator ensures participants have the foundations of a business plan, learn proper food-handling procedures and have access to affordable kitchen space to learn the basics of commercial kitchen and other steps involved in building a sustainable food business. 
Program Elements
  • Access to a Commercial Kitchen Space
  • Training & Workshops
  • Access to Markets & Market Positioning
  • Industry Specific Technical Assistance & Mentorship

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