International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Volunteer/Intern Opportunities

The IRC in Salt Lake City has a number of different volunteer and intern opportunities available within all programs of our organization. Click on a program below to see possible volunteer and intern opportunities. Please take note that all positions posted may not be available at all times. Contact to inquire further about the availability of a desired position.










ESL Tutor Volunteer: Tutoring is provided through our Civics and Citizenship education classes. Classes focus on word recognition and language skills aimed at helping refugees prepare to take the US Citizenship exam. Classes are two hours long, and held on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. You may choose to assist in one of these classes, OR you have the option to be matched up one-on-one with an individual as an ESL Mentor. As a mentor, you meet with your mentee on your own schedules, whenever you are both free. Whether you are tutoring in class, or meeting one-on-one with an individual, we ask a commitment of two hours face time per week.
3 month commitment; 2 hours/week minimum.

Administrative Immigration Volunteer: After a refugee resettles in the US, it is not the end of their legal road to become a US citizen. Refugees must apply for their green card one year after they have been in the US and then for their citizenship after five years. Additionally, refugees also need legal assistance to help bring over spouses and other family members. The Administrative Immigration Volunteer will help with correspondence with clients, filing, scheduling, and other projects assigned by the Immigration Coordinator.  
3-5 days per week for 2-3 hours; flexible schedule.


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Youth Program


Refugee Youth In-Home Tutor: Work one-on-one with elementary-aged refugee youth and act as a guide to help improve their academic performance and English language skills. The tutors will work with the student on identified difficult subjects and English language acquisition. Must be 18 years or older, previous experience with education or tutoring is preferred. 
6 months commitment; 2 hour/week. 

Internship Opportunities

All youth program interns must be available for at least 20 hours per week for a minimum of 3 months; with possibility for extension. These positions require a great deal of independence, motivation, dependability, attention to detail and excellent communication/people skills and are great opportunities for candidates interested in education, child development, social work, international relations, health, teaching ESL, etc.  

Flexible schedule and includes driving; access to a vehicle extremely helpful. All IRC interns get the opportunity to help with monthly office support & reception coverage.
Youth Cultural Orientation Intern: The Youth Cultural Orientation Intern will work under the direction of the Youth Program team with support from the Casework team to provide youth refugee clients with a comprehensive 3-5 day cultural orientation upon arrival to the United States. The intern will also research, organize and plan curriculum for welcoming newly arrived refugee youth (aged 2-17) to the United States. Must have minimum 2 years of college or equivalent experience in education/child development, English, social work, international studies or related field.
3 month commitment, 15-20 hours/week.
 Early Childhood Education Intern: The Early Childhood Education Intern will work under the direction of the Youth Program Assistant and will work closely with the casework and health teams. The intern will coordinate services for children from ages 0-5 who are within the 2 years of IRC case management, establish relationships with community partners, complete direct enrollments for new arrivals as needed, show families how to go from their home to their children's school, be present for School Orientation as a representative of the family, and coordinate outreach efforts with existing daycares and preschools.
 3 month commitment, 20 hours/week minimum.
Out-of-School Programming Intern: The Out-of-School Programming Intern will work with the Youth Program Assistant to ensure that clients are enrolled in quality afterschool and out-of-school programming. They will work with schools and community centers to track student attendance and progress. They will work with refugee parents to ensure that they understand the importance of quality out-of-school programming and build up their capacity to enroll their children on their own.
3 month commitment, 15-20 hours/week.
Refugee Youth In-Home Tutor Program Intern: The Refugee Youth In-Home Tutor Program Intern will work directly with the volunteer tutors of a newly formed tutoring program. The intern will act as the liaison between the IRC and the program participants. They will check in with the tutors on a regular basis and update the IRC on the progress of the program. They will plan training sessions and implement tracking measure to account for the various components of the program.
 6 month commitment, 20 hours/week minimum.


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Health Program

Health Mentor Volunteer: The Health Mentor will provide support to refugee families recently resettled in Salt Lake City. S/he will guide refugees learning to navigate the US Health Care System, mentor refugees in developing healthy habits as they adjust to life in the US, and help families access health resources. Some of the activities that mentors could do include: visiting local clinics and pharmacies with their families, helping refugees manage their medications, teaching health-specific English words, encourage healthy eating and physical activity, and helping refugees manage stress by practicing self-care.
6 month commitment; 2 hours/ week minimum


Internship Opportunities

Health Access Intern: The Refugee Health Access & Education Program is a client-centered program that ensures refugees receive the necessary medical care needed to live a healthy life in the United States. From coordinating medical appointments and interpreters to providing advocacy and support, this program works together with clients to gain the necessary knowledge needed to make the best health decisions for themselves and their family. The Health Access Intern will play a vital role in helping refugee families overcome barriers to health care by helping clients access their primary clinic by conducting bus orientations and assisting families as they become self-sufficient. This intern will work one-on-one with refugees to help them establish their medical home while gaining experience navigating the US Health Care System and working with diverse populations. 
10 week commitment; 20 hours/ week minimum

Special Needs Care and Coordination Intern: Special Needs Care Coordination (SNCC) program in collaboration with Case Workers and other members of the health team, works with clients that have chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional needs to connect them to appropriate resources. The SNCC Intern will assist the Program Coordinator in connecting clients within the Special Needs caseload to specialized medical care, therapeutic services, family support services, medical equipment and assistive devices as well as related social services like early childhood intervention, special education, and transportation. The intern will gain experience in SNCC program development, completing home visits and assessments, and with developing individualized service plans.
16-20 week commitment; 15 hours/ week minimum

Health Promotion Intern: The Health & Wellness Program focuses on health promotion and increasing refugees’ health literacy and access to health care resources. The program provides health care orientation, a series of classes on navigating the US healthcare system, and an annual health fair for the refugee community. The Health Promotion Intern will complete trainings and teach group classes on Navigating the US Health Care System, conduct home visits with refugee clients to provide tailored health education, and assist with data collection and health class assessments. This intern will gain experience providing health education and promotion as well as working with diverse populations to overcome barriers to health while gaining self-sufficiency.
12-20 week commitment; 15 hours/ week minimum

Mental Health Program Intern: The IRC-SLC’s Mental Health Program is designed to promote well-being by facilitating access to culturally sensitive mental health services for resettled refugees coping with stress, depression, anxiety, loss, and trauma. The Mental Health Program Intern will have the opportunity to gain experience in mental health screening procedures, data collection, and with mental health referral protocols. The intern will provide direct support to the Mental Health Program Coordinator in identifying clients in need of services and supporting clients accessing treatment by administering individual mental health assessments and offering relevant resources for client’s mental health needs.
10-12 week commitment; 15-20 hours/ week minimum

Oral Health Access and Education Intern: The Oral Health Care Program focuses on promoting oral health education for refugees. Our goal is to inform our clients about community resources that can help with their oral health. The Oral Health and Access Education Intern will be a member of the Health Access & Education team. The intern will coordinate with other members of the health team as well as interpreters to lead oral health classes. He or she will also help clients access oral health services by providing bus orientations to the dental clinic, assessing self-sufficiency, and supporting the oral health program as directed. The intern will gain experiences in working with diverse populations to overcome barriers to health as well as with providing oral health education.
10 week commitment; 20 hours/ week minimum

Food Security and Nutrition Intern: The Food Security & Nutrition Program assists newly arrived refugees in navigating the “foodscape” in their new community while addressing diet-related conditions. The most commonly addressed conditions are diabetes, hypertension, malnutrition, anemia, and vitamin B12 deficiency, but weight concerns, eating issues, and other nutrition conditions are also addressed as needed. The Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) internship will provide an opportunity to gain experience in nutrition education, both on a one-on-one and group level. In addition, intern(s) will assist in creating culturally-appropriate educational material for use within the program. Additional projects may be developed, as deemed appropriate, throughout the course of the internship.
12-16 week commitment; 15 hours/ week minimum

Maternal & Child Health Intern: The Maternal & Child Health Program provides women and children with access to culturally and linguistically appropriate medical services; assists pregnant women with pre-natal and postpartum care; ensures well child care visits are scheduled; and assists families with access to WIC. The Maternal & Child Health Intern will help schedule appointments, provide transportation to and from medical appointments, conduct bus orientations to the WIC clinic, deliver newborn kits to new moms, and other job duties as needed. The intern will gain experience providing health education and working with diverse populations in the field of Women’s Health.
10-16 week commitment; 15 hours/week minimum.

Health Admin Intern: IRC-SLC Health Programs promote physical and psychosocial well being by ensuring access to healthcare services and providing culturally appropriate, strength-based, educational programming.The Health Admin Intern will provide administrative assistance to support the overall functioning of IRC’s Health Programs. Under the direction of the Health Program Manager, the Health Admin Intern will assist with interpreter and health billings, research, data entry and analysis, and other duties as assigned. 
10+ week commitment, 20 hours a week.


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Economic Empowerment

Employment Mentor: The employment mentor will be an employment guide and friend for a refugee during their adjustment into the American workforce. Employment mentors assist refugees in gaining and honing their job searching skills, and practicing English skills around job searching and the work place. Mentors should be prepared to: help fill out job applications, assist refugees in following-up on applications and interviews, both in person and over the phone, and aiding refugees in focusing on self-reliance through obtaining a job as soon as possible. 
3-4 month commitment; 2 hours/week minimum.

Financial Education Volunteer: Financial Education volunteers teach the beginner/intermediate financial literacy courses focused on equipping students to gain control of their personal finances. In the Basic Financial Literacy course, volunteers will be in charge of teaching students about the American financial culture, budgeting, and banking. In the Intermediate Financial Literacy course, volunteers teach students about credit, how to build credit in the U.S., loan basics, and how to apply for IRC microloan offered at the end of the course.
3 month commitment; 2 hours/week.

Spice Kitchen Incubator Mentor: Meet one-on-one with an entrepeneur in the Spice Kitchen Incubator program to develop business skills they have identified as areas they would like to expand. Current mentor positions include basic marketing, financial, and customer service.
3 month commitment; 1-2 hours/week. Pilot program beginning Fall 2015. 

Employment Casework Intern: As a member of the employment team, Employment Casework Interns are responsible for assisting refugees become self-sufficient. Each intern is given responsibility for a group of 2-6 clients, known as a Job POD. With these clients he/she will teach them how to navigate the US job system from networking, to filling out applications, to following up and interviewing. Interns may also be responsible for teaching a job skills class, computer class, or other duties as assigned. 
10 week minimum commitment; 10 hours/week minimum in 3 hour blocks.

Micro-Enterprise Program Intern: The Micro-Enterprise Program works with refugee entrepreneurs to refine their business plans and gain access to capital to start small businesses. Under the direction of the Micro-Enterprise Program Coordinator, the intern will market the program by making presentations and distributing flyers, provide technical assistance to clients to help them successfully start small businesses, work with participants to ensure timely repayment of loans, and assist with other program needs. Business or marketing major/background desired.
3 month minimum commitment; 10 hours/week.

Spice Special Events and Market Intern: Spice Kitchen Incubator is a program of the IRC in partnership with Salt Lake County. It is a culinary business incubator which works with refugees, immigrants and other low-to-moderate income community members to start food businesses. The Spice Special Events and Market Intern will assist staff with the coordination and operation of Spice Kitchen Incubator food and information booths at markets and special events, and with the setup and operation of fundraising and other special events as needed. Must be available to work some evenings and weekends.
2 month minimum commitment; 15 hours/week.

Financial Literacy Intern: The Financial Literacy Intern is in charge of instructing Beginning and Intermediate Financial Literacy courses for one-on-one and/or small groups, and assists the Financial Education Specialist with other program needs. He/she will help with preparing the students to be educated and ready to apply and receive a credit building loan from the IRC at the end of the course. The intern will set up a regular time to come teach classes at the IRC.
3 month minimum commitment; 4-10 hours/week.



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Group Projects and Service Learning Opportunities 

The IRC in Salt Lake City offers several team oriented activities. These activities range from group work days at a refugee garden to organizing a DIY fundraising events. Gather a group of friends, family members, or co-workers and get involved! 

New Roots group work days: Volunteers and volunteer groups are needed to help in the common garden areas and at the New Roots Farm. Volunteer projects include weeding garden plots, helping with wildflower and perennial planting, maintaining irrigation systems, organizing tools, and managing compost, among other projects.
Volunteers needed Weekdays and Saturdays from April thru November, minimum of 2 hours for individuals and 3 hours for volunteer groups.

Employment Readiness Workshop: Assist clients in developing skills needed for obtaining employment. Volunteers will have the opportunity to engage with clients at a job readiness workshop. Volunteers can assist with mock interview role playing and filling out job applications.
One day, 2-4 hour commitment for group of 5-15 volunteers.

Donation Drive: The IRC needs your help in providing essential household items to refugees that they cannot purchase using their SNAP (food stamps) benefits. Organize a group to collect donations and create bundles to be delivered to refugee individuals and families. Bundles include household items, hygiene items, and school supplies. Our office can provide a list for you and help identify what is most needed.
Flexible hours for group of 5-20 volunteers.

Inventory Control: We collect new and gently used furniture, household items, and cleaning supplies to provide to newly arrived refugees. Help us keep inventory of the generous donations received. Led by an IRC staff member, the group will take inventory and organize IRC storage units.
One day (4-6 hours) for group of 5-20 volunteers.



We also have a number of different Service Learning opportunities, which integrate your academic learning with meaningful community service. To get started, review the volunteer opportunities below and arrange a time to meet with the volunteer coordinator for an orientation.

Tutor a refugee in ESL: Assist with teaching refugees US history and English language skills through in-class citizenship and civics tutoring at least once a week. 
3 month commitment; 2 hours/week minimum.

Assist with donation pick-ups and deliveries: Help with donation pick-ups and deliveries to ensure that refugees obtain the supplies they need to feel at home.
One-time, Monday-Friday, 3-4 hour commitment.

Interact with clients regularly by assisting with the front desk: Help with monitoring the front desk, answering the phone and greeting refugee clients and other guests as they arrive.
2-4 hours any day, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


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Donations and Logistics Intern: This position will assist in the process of receiving and distributing donations including apartment setups; assist Supply Chain & Logistics Manager with large shopping trips, purchasing bulk supplies for new arrivals; assist with administrative functions, valuing and filing donation paperwork; assist with purchased supply inventory, tracking, filling and delivering supply orders. The intern must be willing to lift and move furniture and basic household supplies, enter data in computer systems, and will be required to interact with a number of individuals of differing ethnicities and English-language capabilities. Additional duties are assigned to interns based upon Donation and Logistics needs, and the skills, abilities, and interests of the intern.
10 week commitment; 15 hours/week minimum

DIY events: Do It Yourself (DIY) fundraising events are a great way for you to contribute to the IRC’s mission of helping families that have been uprooted by crisis to survive and rebuild their lives. You can help us in our mission by hosting a DIY event. There are endless possibilities for fundraising events, so get creative and find the right event to appeal to your community and audience. For more information, click here.
Flexible schedule

Volunteer Operations Intern: The IRC Salt Lake City office operates with the support of more than 750 volunteers a year.  Assist the Volunteer Coordinator with Volunteer Operations including developing volunteer programs, recruiting new volunteers, tabling at events, processing applications, data-entry, organizing special events, and other duties as assigned. Intern or volunteer needed for 10-15 hours a week.



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Family Mentor Volunteer: The Family Mentor will provide support to refugee families recently resettled into Salt Lake City.  He/she acts as both a mentor and guide to refugees navigating a new community, and creates a safe space for the family to practice and build their English skills.  Other activities that family mentors could do include: providing a neighborhood orientation, helping the children and parents learn walking or bus routes to school, reading mail, visiting museums and helping the family learn about low-cost community resources. 
6 month commitment; 2 hours/week minimum.

Bus Orientation Volunteer: Help refugees navigate the bus system and teach them how to get to and from their home to important locations (i.e. IRC office, Department of Workforce Services, doctor’s office, etc.). All volunteers will be trained. Volunteers needed to help with bus orientations each week from Monday-Friday during office hours (9am-5pm) for a minimum of 3 hours.

Logistics Casework Intern: The Logistics Casework Intern will pull supply orders for new arrivals and deliver to pre-arranged apartments. They will also perform home visits with all new arrivals to teach and review home maintenance and safety. Must be able to work a regular schedule in the office most days of the week and have access to a car for home visits (mileage reimbursed). 
3 month commitment; 15-25 hours/week.

Housing Outreach and Research Intern: The Housing Outreach and Research Assistant will work closely with the Logistics Coordinator to expand and improve housing options for refugees arriving in Salt Lake City. This work will be split between outreach and research. Outreach will include regular, documented visits to local apartment communities to expand the number of housing options for new arrivals. Research will focus on data collection and analysis to improve our ability to make evidence-based decisions in future housing assignments. 
3 month commitment; 10-20 hours/week.

Casework Intern: The case management program includes providing core services to new arrivals, and helping clients work towards self sufficiency during their first two years in the U.S. in the areas of health, employment, finances, DWS, education, housing, family, and community. Casework Interns work closely with the casework supervisors throughout their internship, assisting and learning about all aspects of the casework program. Interns will assist with services like home visits and orientations, ESL and school enrollment, needs assessments, applications for social services, paying bills and case noting.
3-4 month commitment; 20 hours/week minimum in 3+ hour blocks.

Casework Staffing Coordinator Intern: In addition to the responsibilities of Casework Interns, the Casework Staffing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating weekly staffing meetings for 2-3 clients each week, obtaining referrals from staff, and coordinating Occupational Therapy students who are volunteering with our clients.
3-4 month commitment; 20 hours/week minimum in 3+ hour blocks.

Casework Health Coordinator Intern: In addition to the responsibilities of Casework Interns, the Casework Health Coordinator is responsible for coordinating with other casework interns to assist clients in scheduling medical appointments, ensuring that interpreters are coordinated for medical appointments, and coordinating any needed bus orientations to and from medical clinics.
3-4 month commitment; 20 hours/week minimum in 3+ hour blocks.

Casework ESL Coordinator Intern: In addition to the responsibilities of Casework Interns, the Casework ESL Coordinator is responsible for coordinating ESL enrollment for all eligible adults within 10 business days of arrival and coordinating bus orientations to ESL classes and following up with any issues.
3-4 month commitment; 20 hours/week minimum in 3+ hour blocks.

Casework Acculturation Coordinator Intern: In addition to the responsibilities of Casework Interns, the Casework Acculturation Coordinator is responsible for coordinating acculturation activities for adults and families in the community such as obtaining a Utah ID, leading library tours and obtaining library cards, and visiting museums and other free or donated activities.
3-4 month commitment; 20 hours/week minimum in 3+ hour blocks.


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Office Support

Front Desk Volunteer: Volunteers will greet visitors as they arrive and help with answering phones and transferring calls to staff. Volunteers will experience interaction of individuals of a number of ethnicities and must be willing to listen and communicate as effectively as possible. All volunteers will be trained.
Two hour shifts at a time during office hours Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm; flexible schedule.

General Office Support Volunteer: Volunteers will experience interaction of individuals of a number of ethnicities and must be willing to listen and communicate as effectively as possible. Duties may include: organizing office donation areas, helping with furniture deliveries or pick ups, conducting bus orientations for newly arrived refugees, data entry, or paperwork. Opportunities for further engagement upon request – like attending an airport arrival pick-up with caseworker to welcome newly arrived refugees or shadowing a caseworker on a home visit.
2 month commitment; flexible hours.


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