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 Photo: Students pose after their interviews for a summer internship.  Jessica Wawrzyniak/The IRC

Connect2Work is a work readiness training program that serves at-risk and low income students at Crawford and Hoover High Schools.  Students meet once a week for 16 weeks and learn how to prepare an effective resume, apply and interview for a job, and succeed in an entry-level job by learning skills such as conflict management, customer service, and professional communication.

After the training, students are placed in paid internships over the summer to enhance their resumes and give them hands-on experience in the career path of their choice.  In addition to earning incentives throughout the program through Work Readiness classes and tutoring, students also have the ability to go on field trips to various colleges in Southern California. 

Students also have the opportunity to attend career exploration workshops and field trips to a variety of work sites that explore the different industries in San Diego to increase the students’ knowledge of career options.

Connect2Work is a part of IRC's Youth Programs. 


For more information please contact : (Crawford High School) (Hoover High School)








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