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Inside Syria: The needs of children

For Syrian children who have been uprooted by war, school is essential. Watch our video from northern Syria, where IRC staff are providing children with classrooms where they can continue their studies, develop friendships with other children and recover from trauma. (September 2013)

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Video Transcription

Title: Three out of four Syrian children have lost a close friend or family member in their country’s ongoing conflict. Many have witnessed violence first-hand.

For many, their education and their childhoods have been interrupted.

SANDRA MAIGNANT, Children, youth, protection and development, IRC:

Children have experienced really traumatic situations and we can really feel that they have, that they're still recovering from those traumatic experiences.

So learning and play time, it's really important for the children. To establish they can go back to normalcy.

Title: These children are citing verses from the Quran that refer to the protection of place.

SANJAYAN SRIKANTHAN, Emergency field director, IRC:

The IRC has set up schools in camps along the border with Syria and Turkey that provide formal education, safe learning and healing spaces for children with trauma and provide referrals for children with mental and physical disabilities.

Title: The IRC provides educational and psychological support to some 1,700 children and youth in Syrian camps.

So, this is a safe healing and learning space.

The IRC provides educational and psychological support to some 1,700 children and youth in Syrian camps.

So we have the different tents with the different classrooms. … And this afternoon we're doing recreational activities.

 So for parents, it’s doubly traumatic for them, having lost everything else, they’re seeing the future of their children wasting away in these camps. So they’re incredibly relieved when we’re providing education for their children, so that when this conflict ends they can slot back in and they will not have lost so much.


“…and today this is a special need class for children with mental disabilities from Al Kiryami camp.”


 We have special separate classes for those with mental and physical disabilities. So we do offer a different program for these children to make sure they’re not forgotten.


 “I want to fill this tractor.”

Title: We are working to expand our programming so that all children in the areas where we work have access to education.

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