International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Welcome from IRC Tucson!


Welcome to IRC Tucson!

With the Tucson community, IRC Tucson empowers survivors of persecution and violent conflict to start new lives and regain self-reliance. Since 1997, when the office opened, more than 2,000 refugees have made Tucson their first home in America. With dedicated professional staff, volunteers and several community partners, IRC Tucson strives to provide services that help refugees move through the sense of isolation and confusion of the initial resettlement experience to a sense of belonging and integration in the community.  As you read the following types of services, you will recognize the path that leads from a surviving mode to a thriving one in our community, from refugee status to naturalized citizen of the United States.
  • Case management for five years, from finding homes and providing orientation and basic needs services for new arrivals to assisting those affected by family financial or other crises, and specialized case management for those with developmental disabilities; 
  • Employment services, beginning with learning their backgrounds, skill sets, and career aspirations through employment preparation training, job search, and job placement; these client-focused activities are coupled with efforts to cultivate long-term relationships with employers who learn the value of hiring refugees and turn to IRC Tucson for their employment needs;
  • Wellness and cultural adjustment services offered through linguistically and culturally appropriate counseling for individuals, families and groups, and an innovative program that trains refugee women who then meet in the homes with refugee families to help them learn about adjustment issues and how to cope with them, about community resources and how to access them, and to learn culturally appropriate ways to advocate for themselves.
  • Family and small business economic development services, including financial education about banking, budgeting, and development of assets, assistance with tax preparation, assistance with obtaining Individualized Development Accounts, and assistance with obtaining small business loans through the IRC Microenterprise program;
  • Immigration services, a fee-based program offering high quality services for affordable fees, including adjustment to permanent residence, naturalization, and family reunification services, to name a few.

The effectiveness and reach of our professional services are enhanced and extended by the work of many volunteers and interns. Our volunteer program offers strong training and support to those in the community who can offer their time and compassion in service to refugees. Our clients are also supported by the growing number of financial supporters: individuals, foundations, and corporations that know the value of giving to these new Americans a good start on the path.

If you are a volunteer, an intern, or a financial supporter with us already, thank you so much for your support. Without you, our vision and our arms are too short. If you are learning about us now, please consider joining us in this global effort to save lives and help them be rebuilt here in Tucson.

Warm regards,

Ken Briggs
Executive Director