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The IRC in Burundi

Children carry clean water; IRC brings governance, health, education to Burundi
Photo: Ton Koene/IRC

Recovering from years of civil war, Burundians are hopeful for peace after two democratic elections. The International Rescue Committee encourages stability by protecting and reuniting families as hundreds of thousands of displaced people return home, and by providing Burundians with the supplies and skills they need to move forward.

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How We Help

  • The IRC provides life skills and job training for young people to help them succeed.
  • The IRC reunites separated children with their families and helps them transition back to school and family life.
  • We encourage women’s economic and social empowerment and improve services for survivors of sexual violence.
  • As the main partner of the United Nations refugee agency, the IRC manages transportation, the storage of food and other aid in Burundi’s refugee camps.
  • We work to safeguard the human rights and well-being of returned refugees and to increase access to justice in communities.
October 17, 2014 | Blog
The IRC welcomes the award of full citizenship to Burundian refugees who fled to Tanzania in 1972. The IRC has been working with in Tanzania for over 20 years, providing education, health services and other support to the refugees.
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