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IRC and partners launch massive four day Meningitis vaccination campaign in Chad
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Chad is dealing with three major refugee crises even as it grapples with seasonal droughts and flooding that destroy crops and threaten millions of people with hunger each year. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Darfur, Sudan, who have been living in limbo in Chad for more than a decade have been joined by some 180,000 recent arrivals fleeing massacres in the Central African Republic and attacks by Boko Haram militants based in Nigeria. The IRC has been working in Chad since 2004 helping people affected by crisis to survive and rebuild their lives.

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  • The IRC provides vital support to nearly 229,000 people in Chad, including refugees and the local population.
  • We provide primary and reproductive health care, hospital referrals and psychosocial counseling for 170,000 people.
  • We screen children to prevent acute malnutrition and provide 24/7 medical treatment for those who are severely malnourished.
  • We provide clean water to 26,000 Darfuri refugees at Ouré Cassoni camp in the Sahara Desert.
  • We educate communities and maintain "early warning" systems to help prevent outbreaks of disease and enable health workers to respond swiftly when there is an outbreak.
  • We help raise awareness of the benefits of family planning: Since 2013, over 5,000 women in Chad who receive IRC health services have adopted a family planning method.
  • We work with communities to address the root causes of violence against women, as well as provide medical care to survivors of violence and livelihoods support that empowers women.
  • We provide primary and secondary education to 8,000 refugee children in eastern Chad.
  • We help people who are at risk of sinking deeper into poverty with support that includes organizing women’s savings groups, providing cash grants for starting small businesses, and giving goats to farmers so that they can build herds that will become a source of income. 
January 13, 2015 | Blog
In February 2004, the IRC deployed an emergency response team to Chad to support Sudanese refugees fleeing violence in Darfur. Since then, Chad has hosted more than 350,000 Sudanese refugees as the brutal conflict continues.