International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The IRC in Jordan

The IRC's Dr. Tay Hatamley examines a Syrian refugee patient at the IRC's clinic
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are currently in Jordan. Almost all have fled ongoing violence and unrest in neighboring Syria and Iraq. Many are poor, unable to legally obtain a job, and struggle to meet their daily needs. Women, in particular, are vulnerable to exploitation and violence. The International Rescue Committee is providing humanitarian assistance, medical care and other support to the refugees.

The Latest

How We Help

  • More than 2,600 Syrian women and girls are receiving blankets, warm clothing and other emergency supplies. The IRC will also distribute an additional 2,000 winter kits to families living in impoverished areas of the northern towns of Mafraq and Irbid. In addition, the IRC is providing cash via ATM bank cards to help 3,500 people buy extra clothing and fuel this winter.

  • The IRC began relief operations in Jordan in 2007 for refugees from Iraq. With the arrival of refugees from Syria's civil war in 2012, the IRC ramped up operations in Jordan.
  • Since close to 85% of the nearly half million Syrian refugees in Jordan have settled in urban areas near the border, we have opened a satellite office in the northern city of Mafraq. In June 2012 we opened two primary care clinics in Mafraq and Ramtha where a combined average of 100 patients visit every day. Close to 22,000 refugees and vulnerable Jordanians visited the clinics in their first year. The IRC is currently providing primary health care, free medicine at local partner pharmacies, and blankets, sleeping mats, and other essential items to thousands of Syrian refugees.  
  • IRC assessments have indicated that women and girls represent a refugee group at high risk. We now provide them with emotional support, pre- and post-natal care, and tangible aid such as clothing, hygiene supplies, and financial support. We operate three women's centers in urban areas in northern Jordan, and four in Jordan refugee camps. 
  • The IRC is also working in Jordan's refugee camps, assisting children who arrived without close relatives. We help reunite them with their families. This year we will also be sharing our expertise in the field of protection of women and girls with other agencies at the camp. if family members are not found, we place them with foster families.
  • The IRC is providing cash assistance to women-headed households in Jordan to ensure refugees can help support their families.