International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The IRC in Uganda

IRC staff distributes medicine to children in Uganda, part of health care
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

The International Rescue Committee has been working in Uganda since 1998, when conflict killed tens of thousands of people and displaced more than 1.6 million. Following a peace agreement in 2006, Ugandans are returning home and looking to rebuild their lives. The IRC is there to protect women and children from violence and exploitation by fostering a safe environment and encouraging education, and is supporting farmers and small businesses, and helping communities promote peace and long-term development.

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How We Help

  • The IRC empowers women by providing them with resources and services to assure their safety, health and financial independence.
  • The IRC aids farmers and small-business owners to become more efficient and effective.
  • The IRC fosters peace in communities and between rival clans through conflict-resolution groups that encourage everyone to participate.
  • The IRC enrolls children in safe schools with well-trained teachers.
  • The IRC provides medical equipment, trains health care workers and educates communities to improve healthcare and sanitation.
March 4, 2014 | Blog
As the crisis in South Sudan escalates, the IRC continues to ramp up our emergency response throughout eastern Africa. Read updates from inside South Sudan and from refugee camps in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.