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New Roots in Salt Lake City [Video]

An essential part of the International Rescue Committee's refugee resettlement efforts in 22 U.S. cities, the New Roots program connects refugees and others who are building new lives in the United States with the land, tools and training they need to grow healthy, fresh food for their families and communities.

In this video produced by GLP Films, meet Siddiq Ismail and some of the other New Roots refugee farmers in Salt Lake City.  

After the war in Darfur, Sudan, claimed his family members and farm, Siddiq escaped to Egypt, where he applied for refugee status.

Now living in urban Salt Lake City, Siddiq continues to make things grow: carrots, chilies, cucumbers, okra and corn, through the IRC's New Roots program.  On the farm he works alongside people from Burundi, Ethiopia and Bhutan and loves teaching them and other members of the community innovative ways to crow and care for their crops. 

Siddiq's New Roots recipe: Salata Aswad

Salata Aswad Sudanese eggplant salad by Siddiq Ismail
Photo: Kate Sands Adams/IRC

Siddiq and his wife Layla love cooking with eggplant. This Sudanese salad, which blends the flavors of eggplant and peanut, is similar to one of Siddiq's favorite traditional Darfuri dishes.  Get Siddiq's recipe for Salata Aswad.

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This is a great video -

This is a great video - you've done a LOT in 3 years and I can't wait to see with my own eyes.