International Rescue Committee (IRC)

From Jencarlos Canela, with the IRC in Haiti

"It is so vital that children, even in situations that are hard, understand that there are things within their control and choices that they can make. IRC spaces let them know that they aren't powerless. But they are powerful. They are not defined by events that happened. They are defined by what they make of those events and how they decide to perceive those events. [They can] turn obstacles into opportunities.”

- IRC Voice Jencarlos Canela, visiting a “child-friendly space” run by the International Rescue Committee in the Mega 4 tent camp in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.  Nearly two years after a massive earthquake devastated the city, more than a half million quake survivors are still homeless. The IRC makes sure uprooted children have safe places where they can play, learn and heal so that they can reach their full potential.
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I am taking this time to

I am taking this time to especially thank all of the IRC teams for their great work and support. It is so sad to see that there are places on earth where hell is near by but it is also a great reward when hope try to defeat the pain that these people have to endure everyday. I come from Haiti and I left wen I was 14 because of all the politicals crises and for me there was no hope of getting a good education. I was bless to be able to have the opportunity to chase my dreams and to know I can make them come true. Even far away in Canada, I still carried my country in my heart and god knows how much I love my haitians people because it's my roots, my heritage, where my values come from and everywhere I go I make sure that I am making my country proud. The people do not need money or materiels things... all they want to see once for all is ACTION because it means better then words and promises that our gourvernement cannot achieve. Its good to know that an organisation like IRC care about the children and women in need. I also want to thank Jencarlos Canela, not for being a singer, actor, model but for simply for being human. Showing beside de star and the materiel world surrounding him there is a heart of gold, his charisma and charm are put in good needs to take action and to show he cares. It was not Jencarlos the star I saw there but Jencarlos the man with humanity, humble, loving, carring, generous. To see him sitting there between the children and to be so friendly with no complexe means the world to me. I discover Jencarlos in Mas sabe el diablo while I was on vacation in Haiti ( Dec 2011-Jan 2012) and I could not care less, I mean the telenovela was great but I expected him to be superficial...(sorry) but it was after I read the article about his visit to Haiti that he captures my soul and let me see the real Jencarlos. I hope you are doing this from the bottom of your heart and not only for your image. So thank you Jencarlos Canela for taking action, thank you for simply being you. Your dad most be proud of you and you must know that you are not only gifted for your physical apparence but because you have the heart that comes with it and the power to make impact on this earth. With your love for music you are truely an angel because you are an inspiration for others and for me. Gracias. I hope our path will cross someday. Because of you I paid attention to the organisation and I want to be part of it and help however I can and It will mean more to me since Haiti is my blood, mi alma.