International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Disaster for uprooted Syrians

The IRC supports refugees fleeing from violence in Syria with emergency aid
Syrian children have missed years of school, have suffered severe trauma
Women line up to receive emergency aid of warm blankets; Camps are cold, crowded
Ahmed Dahoud El-Masri, injured in the Syrian crisis, recovers on a hospital cot
Refugee barber cuts a client's hair in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan
A nurse checks Halima's blood pressure at an IRC clinic in Mafraq, Jordan
Syrian refugees outside tents in Domiz camp in Iraq
Ethnic Kurd refugee children from Syria in the Domiz camp in Iraq
A refugee girl tries to keep her baby brother warm in a blanket in Domiz, Iraq
Five Syrian refugee children pose for a photo at Domiz Camp in Iraq
Syrian refugees fill water jugs with clean drinking water in Domiz camp, Iraq
Syrian refugee Jihan Bakar and her children in their tent in Domiz camp, Iraq
Syrian refugee women and girls knit at an IRC women's center in Lebanon
Hind Al-Hujairi paints a henna pattern on a Syrian woman in Lebanon
These refugee children live in one small room with eight other people in the Leb
Syrian refugee Assaa Abdallah and his son in their room behind a Beirut shop
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

More than two years after the start of what has become a full fledged civil war, the crisis in Syria threatens the entire Middle East with a humanitarian disaster. It is estimated that more than four million Syrians are now in dire need of assistance and that some two million people have been uprooted and displaced. Photographs and text by Peter Biro