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Volunteering FAQ

With robust community support, refugees can acclimate quickly to their new environments. They go on to thrive and contribute to their communities, building careers, purchasing homes, and gaining citizenship. Learn how you can help.

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How can I volunteer?

The IRC has offices across the United States each offering a variety of individual and group volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Typical volunteer opportunities include:

  • Mentoring refugee families and individuals
  • Assisting refugees to develop effective job seeking and interview results
  • Helping maintain a New Roots garden

To explore open volunteer positions, locate the office nearest you.

Please note that the IRC does not send volunteers to our international program locations.

What is the volunteer application process?

To become an IRC volunteer, an individual is required to complete the following volunteer process:

  • Fill out a volunteer application
  • Attend an orientation at an IRC office
  • Be interviewed by IRC staff
  • Complete a background check

To learn more about volunteering in the United States, locate the office nearest you.

Does the IRC offer internship opportunities?

The IRC’s U.S. offices offer a variety of unpaid internship opportunities throughout the year. Prospective interns must go through the volunteer process and should be currently enrolled in an educational institution or a recent graduate. Typical internship opportunities include:

  • Supporting case work management services to refugees
  • Assisting with refugee health education and promotion
  • Helping develop and implement programming to support refugee youth

Please visit your local IRC office page to learn more about specific internship opportunities in your area.

How can I advocate for the IRC and refugees?

Your voice matters and can make all the difference. Respond to an advocacy action alert, sign a petition, write or call your legislator, re-tweet an important IRC update, or share one of our posts on Facebook or Pinterest. The more you spread the word, the more others stand up and take notice.

Thank you, IRC volunteers