The International Rescue Committee's code of conduct (the IRC Way) helps staff around the world keep our programs firmly directed toward the wellbeing of our clients, while meeting the expectations of our donors as responsible stewards of their resources.

The IRC Way is available in 19 languages: Arabic, Amharic, Burmese, Dari, English, French, German, Greek, Kurdish (Sorani), Malay, Pashto, Polish, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu. Download a copy.

What is the IRC Way?

The IRC Way describes the four core values of Integrity, Service,  Accountability and Equality, and the undertakings that flow from them:

We are open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with clients, partners, co-workers, donors, funders and the communities we affect. 

We are accountable—individually and collectively—for our behaviors, actions and results.

We are responsible to the people we serve and the donors who enable our service.

We strive for equal outcomes for all clients and colleagues by promoting equitable access to opportunities and services.

The aim of our code of conduct is to ensure that we carry out our work following the ethical and moral principles that support our humanitarian calling. Upholding this code is a responsibility shared by all involved in delivering on the IRC’s mission. It applies to all IRC directors, officers, employees, interns, volunteers, incentive staff and partners who work on behalf of the IRC.

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