Your benefits as a Rescue Collective Partner

Reports and stories of your impact

We look forward to sending you:

  • Your annual Rescue Collective impact report highlighting how your gifts have changed lives from Syria to Gaza and Ethiopia to Afghanistan.
  • Monthly Rescue Collective spotlight emails featuring details on the IRC’s humanitarian responses, stories of our clients and insight into how you’re making a difference each month.
  • An annual summary of your gifts, making it easy for you to keep track of your charitable contributions for tax purposes.
Gifts for you!

We’re excited to send you an annual gift showcasing our appreciation for all your support. You will also receive a Rescue Collective Partners membership card.

Connection and collaboration with IRC teams

You will have access to IRC’s dedicated Supporter Care team members who are happy to answer questions, manage your monthly gift and update you on your life-changing impact.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in our Rescue Collective Insight Panel, where you can share your feedback and insights about your experience and perspective as a partner in our work.

How to reach us

If you need support managing your gift, contact our Supporter Care team at [email protected] or 646-988-3893. 

We look forward to having you as part of the Rescue Collective!

Your support in action

Hear from an IRC team member and a mother in Yemen about the IRC’s life-changing services, made possible by our dedicated supporters.

Oleskii Zelinskyi

I knew I was in a unique situation, as a Ukrainian and Polish sign language interpreter, to be able to help Deaf people fleeing war in my homeland.

Oleksii Zelinskyi
A Ukranian and Polish sign language interpreter
Bodor Ali Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jabri

When I delivered my child at home, the IRC came to rescue me inside the home and helped me, so I called my daughter Enqath [meaning “rescue” in Arabic] .... I delivered my child normally because the IRC helped me.

Bodor Ali Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jabri
A Yemeni mother supported by the IRC

What sets the IRC apart as an organization

  • We go where we are needed
    When crisis strikes, the IRC responds quickly and stays as long as we are needed to help people survive, recover and rebuild.
  • 2022-interview
    We always put people first
    Our programs are client-centered. When the IRC starts working in a new community, we meet with community members to ask about the most effective ways we can help.
  • We build community
    Since 1933, the IRC has been helping people affected by conflict and disaster, resettling families and helping them become a part of their new communities.
  • 2022-advocate
    We adapt our programs
    We are relentless in our efforts to adapt and improve our programs. Good enough is not an option. We adapt and never give up on refugees and displaced families.

How monthly giving works

Choose an amount

Select the amount you’d like to give as a recurring gift and rest assured that your gift will be used wisely.

Monthly donations are not restricted to a particular IRC program to ensure your contribution goes where the funding is needed most and support immediate crises.

Make a donation

Once you sign up, each gift is automatically debited from your account, with your first donation charged the day you make a gift.

Your credit card will then be charged the same amount on the 15th of each month. You can change or cancel your recurring donation any time by contacting us at 1-855-973-7283.

Help people in crisis

When you give monthly to the IRC, you help make sure we’re equipped to do what we do best–and that we can do it everyday, year-round.

Your passion for helping others is vital to our mission. As a monthly donor, we’ll be sure to update you on your impact and the work you’re helping us do around the world.

We can’t stop conflicts and disasters from happening. But, with your help, we can reach as many people as possible at the very onset of a crisis, when their homes are no longer safe, and we can stay long afterwards.

By making a monthly gift, you are helping to ensure IRC teams are prepared to take action within 72 hours of an emergency, delivering shelter, food and medicine to children and families. And you are helping to ensure we can stay as long as we are needed, helping families to not only survive, but also recover and rebuild their lives.

Responding to the world's worst humanitarian crises takes a dedicated group of people: people like you who believe in the power of collective action. With your continued support we can have a lasting, positive impact on those we serve, year round.