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Staff leaders

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The International Rescue Committee’s staff leadership board and senior leaders group manage the strategy and implementation of the IRC’s humanitarian work worldwide.

IRC Staff Leadership Board

David Miliband

President and CEO

Ciaran Donnelly

Senior Vice President, International Programs

Danusia Dzierzbinski

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Jodi Nelson

Senior Vice President, Policy and Practice

Madlin Sadler

Senior Vice President, Operations and Strategy

Amanda Seller

Senior Vice President, Revenue

Jennifer Sime

Senior Vice President, United States Programs

Ricardo Castro

General Counsel

Sanj Srikanthan

Acting Senior Vice President, Europe and Executive Director, IRC-UK


Senior Leaders Group

Comprising the Leadership Board, plus:

Alyoscia D'Onofrio

Senior Technical Director, Governance

Bill Schaffrath

Senior Director, Internal Audit, Finance

Bob Kitchen

Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit

Brian Johnson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chris Honsberger

Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

Colleen Ryan

Vice President, Communications and Content

Danusia Dzierzbinski

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Elinor Raikes

Regional Director, Europe and North Africa

Ellen Beattie

Senior Director of Program Quality, United States Programs

Em Fackler

Chief Information Officer

Gino Zaza

Senior Director, Business Resilience and Continuity

Hans Van de Weerd

Vice President, United States Programs

Isabella De Mattia and Ben Wise

Co-Acting Senior Directors, Strategy

Jason Phillips

Vice President, International Strategy and Partnerships

Jeannie Annan

Senior Technical Director, Research Evaluation and Learning

Judson Flanagan

Vice President, International Operations

Kate Moger

Regional Director, Great Lakes

Kristin Kim Bart

Senior Director, Gender Equality

Kurt Tjossem

Regional Director, East Africa

Mania Boyder

Vice President, Development

Mark Schnellbaecher

Regional Director, Middle East

Mesfin Tessema

Senior Director, Health Unit

Michael Burlingame

Vice President, Marketing

Mireille Cronin Mather

Regional Director, United States - Pacific

Nazanin Ash

Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy

Nicole Behnam

Senior Technical Director, Violence Prevention and Response Technical Unit

Paul Taylor

Regional Director, West Africa

Phil Woollam

Vice President, Strategic Growth

Radha Rajkotia

Senior Technical Director, Economic Recovery and Development

Ravi Gurumurthy

Chief Innovation Officer

Robin Dunn Marcos

Senior Director, Resettlement and Processing

Sanna Johnson

Regional Director, Asia

Sarah Smith

Senior Technical Director, Education

Susan Ringler

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Tineke Ceelen

Executive Director, Stichting Vluchteling

Tracy Reines

Regional Director, United States - Atlantic