The International Rescue Committee’s staff leadership board and senior leaders group manage the strategy and implementation of the IRC’s humanitarian work worldwide.

IRC Staff Leadership Board

David Miliband

President and CEO

Jeannie Annan

Chief Research and Innovation Officer

Martin Bratt

Senior Vice President, Awards Management Unit

Harlem Désir

Senior Vice President, Europe

Ciaran Donnelly

Senior Vice President, Crisis Response, Recovery & Development

Ebighe Emafo

Senior Vice President, People and Culture

Angela Mariana Freyre

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Oscar Raposo

Chief Financial Officer

Madlin Sadler

Chief Operating Officer

Hans Van de Weerd

Senior Vice President, Resettlement, Asylum & Integration

Senior Leaders Group

Adnan Junaid
Regional Vice President, Asia

Aissatou Balde
Country Director

Aitor Sanchez Lacomba
Senior Director of Business Operations, RAI

Aleksandra Roulet-Cimpric
Country Director

Alex Muller
Acting Deputy General Counsel

Alyoscia D'Onofrio
Vice President, Head of Technical Excellence

Amanda Catanzano
Vice President, Global Policy & Solutions

Angela (Manana) Freyre
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Aśka Pickering
Vice President, Awards Management Unit

Bill Schaffrath
Senior Director, Internal Audit & Global Assurance

Bob Kitchen
Vice President, Emergencies

Brian Johnson
Chief People & Culture Officer

Brian Ssebunya
Senior Technical Director, Economic Recovery & Development

Caroline Sekyewa
Country Director

Ciaran Donnelly
Senior Vice President, Crisis Response, Recovery & Development

Cica Dadjo
Gender, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Unit - Co lead

Colin Mc Ilreavy
Chief Safety & Security Officer

Corina Pfizer
Interim Managing Director, IRC Deutschland

Darren Hertz
Country Director

David Miliband

Ebighe Emafo
Senior Vice President, People & Culture

Elijah Okeyo
Country Director

Elinor Raikes
Vice President & Head of Program Deliveryr

Elizabeth Norman
Senior Director, CRRD Financial Planning & Performance

Ellen Beattie
Vice President, Program Excellence

Em Fackler
Chief Information and Operations Officer

Emma Gremley
Senior Director, Education Unit

Faith Cooper
Regional Director, RAI

Flora Alexander
Vice President, Global Advocacy & Influence

Francis Sala-Diakanda
Acting Regional Vice President, Central Africa

Gerrard Khan
Senior Director Resource Acquisition & Management

Hans Van de Weerd
Senior Vice President, Asylum & Integration

Harlem Désir
Senior Vice President, IRC in Europe

Helene Herold
Acting Deputy General Counsel

Imogen Sudbery
Executive Director, IRC Belgium/ Senior Director of European Advocacy

Inah Kaloga
Senior Director, Violence Prevention & Response

Isabella De Mattia
Vice President, Business Operations & Analytics

Jeannie Annan    
Senior Vice President, Chief Research & Innovation Officer

Jennifer Peng
Vice President, Finance

Jonathan Beloe  
Senior Director, Program Quality Support

Julio E. Rank Wright 
Regional Vice President, Latin America

Justin Howell
Executive Director, South - Resettlement, Asylum & Integration

Katherine Rodrigues
Senior Director, Policy & Planning

Kathryn Hodson
Senior Director, Investigation

Khusbhu Patel
Strategic Partnerships

Kiryn Lanning
Senior Director, Quality in Emergencies

Kristy Gladfelter
Vice President, RAL

Kurt Tjossem
Regional Vice President, East Africa

Lani Fortier    
Senior Director, Special Projects

Laura Kyrke Smith    
Executive Director, IRC UK

Lisa Küchenhoff
Director, RAI Germany

Madlin Sadler    
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Marianne Aparicio
Country Director

Martin Bratt  
Senior Vice President, Awards Management Unit

Mathilde Segard   
Senior Director, Compliance and Policy

Matthew Collins-Gibson    
Vice President, USA Philanthropy

Matthew Wingate
Senior Director, Business Development

Maya Samadani
Senior Director, Talent Management

Meg Galas
Country Director, Northern Central America

Mesfin Teklu Tessema
Senior Director, Health Unit

Modou Diaw
Regional Vice President, West Africa

Neil Rodrigues
Senior Director, Global Supply Chain

Nick Jones-Bannister
Senior Director, Measurement Unit

Nicole Walden
Senior Director, Strategy & Performance

Oscar Raposo
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Ourania Dionysiou
Vice President, IPP and GPPS

Phil Woollam
Vice President, Strategic Growth

Ra Eang
Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis 

Rick Estridge     

Robert Lindsley
Senior Director, Duty of Care

Ruben Chandrasekar
Regional Director, RAI

Samar Abboud
Country Director, Middle East and North Africa

Sarah Case
Vice President, System Change

Sarah Kleinman
Chief Strategy Officer

Sarah Penniman Morin
Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

Shalaina Abioye
Executive Director, Dallas

Sophie Guesne
Senior Director, Strategy & Planning Europe

Su'ad Jarbawi
Regional Vice President

Tracy Reines    
Vice President, Program Delivery

Victoria Machinandiarena    
Senior Director, Strategy & Planning

Wale Osofisan     
Senior Director, Governance & Rights

Wan Hong    
Senior Director, Policy & Planning

Zain Habboo     
Chief Mobilization & Marketing Officer