After the explosion, 1 in 4 kids risk dropping out of school

  • With 163 schools damaged by the Beirut explosion in August, at least 1 in 4 children in the city are now at risk of missing out on their education.
  • Those from schools damaged in the blast will have long distances to travel in order to reach their new place of study, as well as additional transport costs—something that poorer families will be unable to afford.
  • Safety on public transportation and access for children with disabilities are also concerns.
  • The IRC is calling for children in Beirut to receive clear guidance and support for school enrollment, more investments in distance learning, and additional support for vulnerable families.
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Country facts
  • Total population: 6.1 million
  • People displaced by crisis: 1.5 million Syrians (1 in 4 people)
  • Rank in Human Development Index: 80 of 188
IRC response
  • Started work in Lebanon: 2012
  • People assisted in 2018: 84,000