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Every day, IRC humanitarian workers are rescuing lives. Here, they offer a glimpse of their experiences, the challenges they face and the courageous people they meet by sharing videos, photos and stories.

Posted by Jamie Kelso on April 29, 2011
With the International Affairs budget facing deep cuts on Capitol Hill, investment in women and girls around the world has been in peril. Since International Women’s Day in March, our supporters rallied together to send over 123,000 emails to Congress on this issue, encouraging legislators to wake up to the fact that women and girls all over the world deserve to be more than numbers on a spreadsheet. more »
Posted by Jamie Kelso on April 28, 2011
Iraqi refugee women in Jordan who have fled conflict at home can become easy targets for violence and abuse. The Jordan River Foundation, an IRC partner, is distributing small purses with hotline numbers discreetly hidden inside. Using this hotline, women can contact our office for emergency assistance to protect them from violence, without fear of discovery by their abusers. more »
Posted by Robyn Kerr on April 26, 2011
The majority of the nearly 700,000 earthquake survivors in Haiti who are still displaced are living on private land -- and they can’t stay there forever. While the international community plays an important role in advocating for their needs as the country rebuilds, ordinary Haitians are already helping their fellow citizens. more »
Posted by Yolanda Barbera Lainez on April 25, 2011
In Africa a child dies of malaria every 45 seconds. The main reason for this is that health facilities are just too far from children's homes. To tackle this problem, the IRC has trained 11,000 villagers in six countries in Africa to treat children in their own communities -- not only for malaria, but also for other deadly conditions. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 21, 2011
One thousand women and girls die every day from pregnancy-related causes. A new Women’s Refugee Commission initiative launching tomorrow will connect health care providers working in crisis zones to one another to help reduce these staggering maternal mortality numbers. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 20, 2011
Our partner, charity: water, just launched this new animated video about how access to water - or more accurately, lack of access to clean water - affects every aspect of people's lives, from health to education to safety. more »
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Posted by The IRC on April 18, 2011
Sue Dwyer, IRC vice president for program quality, on how the IRC's emphasis on research and evaluation helps us identify the most effective responses to humanitarian crises around the world. more »
Posted by Vanessa Pirandello on April 15, 2011
As a former food writer and restaurant reviewer, IRC volunteer Kathryn Kurtz had the opportunity to dine in countless five-star restaurants around the world. "Writing about food is great," Kathryn says, "but there are a lot of other more serious things going on in the world and I needed a balance. Working with refugees provided that balance." more »
Posted by Rebecca Balis on April 13, 2011
Recently I visited Zorgowee, a Liberian town where the IRC is providing emergency aid to refugees who fled the violence in Ivory Coast. There I met Kou Wonbah, a Liberian mother of three who told me she feels a particular connection to these uprooted Ivorians. Kou was once a refugee herself. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 13, 2011
IRC women’s protection expert Liz Pender has been meeting with groups of Ivorian women and girls who fled to Liberia in recent weeks to escape the violence ravaging Ivory Coast. Liz was quoted in an IRC statement released today that expresses concern that those who are reporting incidents of sexual violence represent a tiny fraction of the victims. more »