International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Ten Refugees, One Journey: Andrew S. Grove

Andrew S. Grove (Photo: Jim Gaffey)

Co-founder and later CEO of Intel Corporation, Andrew S. Grove was born in Hungary, in 1936. With his father absent during the Second World War, young Andy and his mother hid from Nazi soldiers rounding up Hungarian Jews.

When Soviet forces struck Budapest in 1956, Grove fled alone to Austria, where International Rescue Committee (IRC) volunteers helped him reach New York. He graduated from City College and later received a Ph.D. from Berkeley.

Grove has written numerous technical papers and several books, was Time Magazine’s 1997 “Man of the Year,” and in 2004 was named “the most influential business person in the last 25 years” by the Wharton School of Business.

He was elected to the IRC Board of Directors in 1999 and became an IRC Overseer in 2004. (November 2010)

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