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WHAT IMPACT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE ON THE WORLD? Start making a difference with the IRC.

Interning with the IRC gives you the chance to change a life. 
Forced to flee conflict and persecution, many refugees have survived against incredible odds for years in refugee camps or temporary settlements. They step off the plane at Oakland International Airport into an unfamiliar country and unknown future, having traveled thousands of miles with next to nothing byt their dignity and determination.  Interns are an intergral part of IRC's operations and leave with transferable non-profit skills and hands-on experience from a vareity of facets related to refugee resettlement. 


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IRC in Oakland - Now accepting applications for Summer Internships through May 2nd, 2014

Immigration Internship

New Roots Internship

Intensive Case Management Internship (BA required)


IRC in San Jose
Resettlement Internship
Employment Internship
Immigration Internship

IRC in Sacramento
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IRC in Turlock
Currently, there are no internship opportunities at this office.