Food is universal. No matter where in the world you are, food is a way to bring communities together. It connects people. Sharing a recipe can be as powerful as sharing your story.

In 2021, the IRC held cooking workshops for refugee and Greek women living on the Island of Lesvos, Greece.

The workshops brought together local and refugee women, to promote common experiences and mutual understanding through the language of food. The women shared recipes that were personal and special to them and reminded them of home. 

Join us and cook with refugees from around the world as they share their recipes from home.

Below a selection of some of the dishes prepared in the workshops: 

“I want to be happy; this means cooking for other people,” says Jacqueline.
Photo: IRC

 Jacqueline's vegan mahshi 


“I am confident that you are going to love it!”
Photo: IRC

 Elisabeth's ndole 

Koteu's dish, spinach and tuna with African fufu, ready to eat.
Photo: IRC

Koteu's spinach and tuna African fufu 


The cookbook compiling all the delicious recipes shared in this wonderful project is here: Recipes from Home