Over 3,000 people killed by extreme flooding in Libya

  • The flooding caused by Storm Daniel has resulted in over 3,000 deaths and an estimated 10,000 missing persons.
  • The collapse of two dams has exacerbated the crisis, causing catastrophic damage to entire neighbourhoods.
  • The challenges are substantial, with communication lines down and extensive destruction impeding rescue efforts.
  • The IRC emphasises the need for international attention and immediate climate action due to the compounded effects of climate change and years of conflict and instability.
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Country facts

  • Population: 6.9 million
  • People in need of humanitarian assistance: 800,000, projected to rise to 1.5 million during 2022
  • Humanitarian Development Index rank: 104 of 191

IRC response

  • Started work: 2016
  • People assisted in 2021: 141,738