Over 3,000 people killed by extreme flooding in Libya

  • The flooding caused by Storm Daniel has resulted in over 3,000 deaths and an estimated 10,000 missing persons.
  • The collapse of two dams has exacerbated the crisis, causing catastrophic damage to entire neighbourhoods.
  • The challenges are substantial, with communication lines down and extensive destruction impeding rescue efforts.
  • The IRC emphasises the need for international attention and immediate climate action due to the compounded effects of climate change and years of conflict and instability.
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Country facts

  • Population: 6.9 million
  • People in need of humanitarian assistance: 800,000, projected to rise to 1.5 million during 2022
  • Humanitarian Development Index rank: 104 of 191

IRC response

  • Started work: 2016
  • People assisted in 2021: 141,738

Rescue stories

Those trying to make it to Europe face such difficulties; drownings, food and water shortages, and running out of fuel are common during the journey.
Photo of Adel, IRC Libya responder
Adel leads IRC Libya’s Response at Sea team, who are on call around the clock to deliver critical aid to those returned to Libya by the country’s Coast Guard.
IRC Libya Response at Sea team
“Of course there is a lot of pressure – but I’ve found my calling in working for the IRC. We reach out to people really in need. When you help someone who is in need and change their life – that is something big and joyful.”
A man sits smilingly behind a desk
29-year-old Mohamad had always dreamed of becoming a doctor since he was a child. Now he’s part of the mobile health team that go out to the surrounding areas of Misrata to deliver crucial care for the community.
Meet our medical team in Libya