My future is unknown. It’s uncertain.
Illustration: Mehdi stands before a barbed wire fence at a CCAC camp on Samos
Mehdi lives behind barbed wire in a camp on the Greek island of Samos where like so many he struggles with the mental health consequences of the prison-like life.
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“I miss the word ‘Papa’. I miss the word ‘my love’ from my wife, sometimes, I even miss hearing the footsteps of my kids at home.”
Hassan fled the war in Syria, in Greece he's found strength to rebuild his life with the help of his psychologist.
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“If you want people to become successful, give them respect and worth.”
Black and white photo of Ahmad standing against a window looking outside
Ahmad works as an interpreter with the IRC in Greece. An Afghan refugee, his life is on hold while he waits for his residency application to be renewed. He is using the time selflessly to assist asylum seekers, refugees & IRC staff everyday.
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