Inside our work

How we work to ensure that people around the world affected by conflict and humanitarian crisis are emotionally and mentally healthy:


Helping people understand how stress can negatively impact their physical and mental health;

We teach parents about the effects of "toxic stress" and share techniques to help their children feel safe and protected despite the violence and uncertainty in their lives. We also train educators to identify and assist vulnerable children in need of specialized support.


Making sure they have places to go for mental health and emotional support where they can feel comfortable and safe;

At IRC women's centers in refugee camps and crisis areas, women can get information and psychosocial support, learn new skills, and find a sense of community. These centers also offer specialized care for survivors of violence and abuse.


Educating people about ways they can support their own emotional and mental wellbeing and cope with stress.

The IRC teaches children and families mindfulness techniques, including deep breathing, that research has shown can help them cope with the impact of living through conflict.