With over a million people displaced in Myanmar and in need of humanitarian support, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) welcomes the support of the European Union (EU), who has made a contribution of over 800,000 Euros to provide essential protection services to displaced Burmese families. 

The IRC has been working in Asia for almost five decades, providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced peoples in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and Thailand. Humanitarian support is essential to the survival and well-being of millions across the region enduring crisis due to the conflict and climate change, and our support ensures that families have access to emergency supplies and healthcare, as well as education and livelihood opportunities.

Ongoing conflict, including airstrikes and ground attacks in Myanmar, has led to large-scale displacement of communities into neighboring villages, monasteries, or makeshift shelters in the jungle with harsh climatic conditions.  With EU support, the IRC will continue to provide essential materials and in-kind assistance as well as protection services through case management to address the growing needs of individuals and families, especially for women and children caught in this continuous cycle of displacement as a result of the protracted conflict.