As 2024 marks ten years of conflict in Ukraine and two years since the full-scale Russian invasion, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) asked hundreds of Ukrainians what they would want the world to know about the decade of turmoil. Through comprehensive findings outlined in a new report, the IRC sheds light on the enduring impact of the war, as normal life remains out of reach for millions of Ukrainians. 

These are some of the things surveyed Ukrainians conveyed to the IRC: 

Scott Lea, IRC’s Ukraine Country Director, said: 

“The voices of the Ukrainian people surveyed by the International Rescue Committee are a powerful testament to the horrors of prolonged conflict, as they fear that the world may have grown indifferent to their plight. They say that describing ten years of war is difficult in one sentence. Indeed, every day, we witness how the war continues to have a detrimental impact on material conditions, mental health, economic situations, and access to education. It violently tears families apart, causing unimaginable suffering. 

“We need to ensure the abnormal does not become a norm, that we do not become desensitised to the horrors of war, and that the ongoing human tragedy does not cease to evoke a global response. Solidarity has no expiration date, and the international community must ensure this is not a forgotten crisis - continuing to stand with the people of Ukraine.” 

Alan Moseley, IRC’s Country Director in Poland, added: 

“Europe still remains home to 6 million refugees from Ukraine, unsure if or when they will be able to return home. In addition to sustained funding for humanitarian response in Ukraine, there is a need to strengthen support for refugees in hosting countries by ensuring continued support for critical interventions that complement existing social protection systems, and that meet acute needs. States must also commit to developing durable options for Ukrainians who will need to start transitioning out of temporary protection regimes.” 

Access the full report analyzing the impact of 10-years on conflict. 

About the IRC’s Ukraine Response 

In Ukraine, we are focusing our assistance in the areas most heavily affected by the war, in the east and southeast of the country. Working with partners, we are striving to ensure that people have access to financial assistance and essential items and are safe from abuse and exploitation, that children can thrive in safe spaces, and that conflict-affected populations have access to relevant information that enables them to make informed decisions about their next steps. We also run gender-based violence prevention and response activities, and provide health, mental health, and psychological support. Our inclusion activities are focused on boosting employability and economic empowerment. IRC programmes targeting Ukrainian refugees are active in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Germany, UK and US.