The IRC, in consortium with Danish Refugee Council, Humanity & Inclusion, and International Medical Corps, and working alongside nearly a dozen national non-profit organisations, is implementing the “Women and Girls Create the Future,” programme, a €6.1 million project in the Central African Republic financed by the European Union’s Trust Fund for CAR, the Fonds Bekou.

The project aims to improve the protection and reintegration of women, girls and people with specific needs who are vulnerable to gender-based violence (GBV) in CAR. The fundamental throughline of the programme is the empowerment of local actors, both national NGOs and governmental entities, through organisational and technical capacity strengthening and supporting these organisations to implement independently so that they can become, beyond the lifespan of the project, a privileged entry point for integrated and multisectoral quality care for GBV survivors.

The project also focuses strongly on the socio-economic empowerment of women and girls who are vulnerable to GBV, structured community engagement to prevent GBV, and the mainstreaming and cross-cutting consideration of inclusion of disability, age, and diversity in all aspects of the project activities.