"Describing the state of my soul is difficult"

- Female, 15, Warsaw

It is estimated that over half of Ukrainian children have been displaced due to the war. Currently, in Poland, there are 956,633 registered refugees, with over 44% estimated to be children.

As of February 1, 2024, the Polish education system had registered 180,959 Ukrainian children with refugee experience. This number does not include those who have registered but later dropped out of the education system, or those who have never enrolled in school. The estimated number of children and teenagers not attending school exceeded 111,500 (CEO, 2023; IRC, Save the Children, CARE, 2024).

Education disrupted by the pandemic, war, and displacement suggests that for some children, the lack of a stable learning environment has persisted for four years. However, education-related concerns are not the only issues faced by Ukrainian children in Poland.