The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is proud to announce its 90th anniversary, marking nearly a century of dedication to supporting the resilience and delivering crucial services for the most vulnerable people and communities around the world. 

In 1933, Albert Einstein helped found the organisation that would become the IRC. Since then, the IRC has served millions of people affected by conflict, natural disasters, and displacement. In 2022, the IRC reached 32.9 million people, restoring dignity and rebuilding lives in the wake of adversity for people in over 40 countries, including the UK. 

The IRC responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, adapting and evolving to meet changing global needs with innovative solutions that prioritise those affected by crises. These include initiatives in anticipatory action that build resilience, groundbreaking early childhood development approaches in conflict and crisis-affected contexts, transformative changes for treating malnutrition and hunger, and leveraging technology and connectivity to bridge gaps in information and services. 

David Miliband, IRC President and CEO, said,  

“The IRC's 90th anniversary is a moment of immense pride, gratitude, and re-commitment. We stand on the shoulders of giants, including Albert Einstein and Varian Fry, who dedicated the organisation to life-saving work, with bravery and ingenuity in the DNA, in the midst of the Second World War. For nearly a century, that spirit has endured at the IRC, as we continue to assist those whose lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster, as we continue to make humanitarian work our clarion call, as our thousands of staff around the world continue to risk their own lives in the service of others. 

“Our founders would be astonished at the size and impact of the IRC ninety years on. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to this spirit of hope, of courage and ingenuity, and to translating our deepest-held values into enduring action. As global challenges grow deeper and more complex, the IRC is supporting tens of millions of people to hold their lives together, pioneering new solutions and advocating for change for the world’s most vulnerable. With nearly 110 million people displaced worldwide, the clarion call first issued in 1933 that catalysed the birth of the IRC has never been more relevant.”