If the international community is judged by its ability to respond to mass crises, the refugee question is one that cannot be ignored. 

Today’s crisis is without precedent in recent history. 65 million people across the world have been uprooted from their homes by conflict or persecution, and conflicts burn  for an average of 37 years, making it impossible for refugees to return home. With Syria and Mosul dominating the headlines and ‘hidden’ crises in Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria and Myanmar continuing to displace millions, the question of how to respond is not going to go away.

Responses focused around deterring migration have shown little indication of resolving the issue. A sustainable solution will have to tackle the root causes of displacement, provide better aid for the long- as well as the short-term, and support resettlement of the most vulnerable refugees to developed countries. 

On November 16th, IRC President and CEO David Miliband will sit down with acclaimed journalist and author Jonathan Freeland to discuss these key questions as part of the Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series. 


The JW3 Speaker Series seeks to provide a platform for renowned world leaders and experts to offer a unique insight into their chosen topics. It is an initiative of the Jewish Community Centre JW3, which aims to create a “vibrant, diverse and proud community, inspired by and engaged in Jewish arts, culture and community.” 

Both speakers have strong connections the Jewish community. David Miliband is the son of Jewish immigrants who grew up in Belgium and fled to Britain after the Nazi invasion in 1940.

 The International Rescue Committee was founded by Jewish refugee Albert Einstein to support refugees fleeing Nazi persecution in 1933. The organisation now works in over 40 countries including across the arc of the European refugee crisis, throughout the Syria region and in Greece and Serbia. 

The talk takes place at 7pm on November 16th at the JW3 Centre on 341-351 Finchley Road. Tickets are now sold out, but we will be live tweeting about the event, which you can follow here.