You are strong.

I could never even think that I would write you a letter… that I would write you such things.

I always dreamed of happiness. Do you know that one of those days when I was happy, was every single day before the war!

But I didn’t understand it! I was waiting for the right moments! Moments that have always been with me!

We have been looking for the meaning of life for so long and the meaning turns out to have always been precisely in life.

You know, I will never be the same again. These are not just nightmares this is our destiny.

Did you have plans to go somewhere?

You turned out to be a person who had the courage to leave everything that was close to you.

You were able to put your life in a small suitcase, go to a place where you have never been, and start a new page of your life.

You never know what tomorrow will bring! So let it just be!

And let everyone who is really important to us be around.

Hug your family, meet friends, love, look for reasons to smile even when it seems impossible!

But do you know how many wonderful people I met!

I want to invite everyone I met to go to Ukraine!

I will show everyone how grateful we are for the peace of our children!

I will never be the same

Don’t know what I can do

I was happy… what about you?

But my life told me: I’m swing! [sic]

You stronger than you think!